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Style Tips For Guys

Personal Styling is definitely not just for women! You lovely chaps out there can definitely benefit from a few tips too. In my experience just a few tweaks can make the world of difference. Here are some of my favourites!

Make friends with your tailor.
This is probably the most important, as an ill-fitting item of clothing will make you look scruffy at best. Body shapes vary, and it can be hard buying items off the peg that fit perfectly. Let a good tailor help you with this and you will look so much sharper. Whether it’s shortening cuffs or adding darts to shirts and jackets to make them more fitted, your clothes will have a new lease of life and you a spring in your step.

Check your Jackets!
About 70% of guys I see in the street are wearing jackets at least one size too large, which looks untidy and adds unwanted pounds to your frame. I understand you want room to move your arms about, but unless you are planning to wear your jacket whilst rowing the channel, pick a size that genuinely fits. In a tailored jacket, the shoulder seam should end on your shoulders, not down your arm. Prioritise shoulder-fit over being able to do the jacket up— you can work on that part later at the gym.

Know your body.
Body types aren't just for women! Are you a rugby build? A lean-machine? Got a beer belly? Shopping at the right brands gives you the best chance of success, as clothes are cut with different shapes in mind. If you are lean check out Belstaff or Dunhill. Hugo Boss are great for broader men. If you have a bit of a belly, avoid slim-fitting trousers and make sure they have enough width to balance out your frame.

Most of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are jackets: They complete a look, balance out your frame and make an impact. It’s worth investing in a range of good quality, well-fitting options. Start with a good overcoat, a mac, and a smart and casual blazer and then build your collection according to your shape. - Just a simple shirt looks great if layered correctly over a Tee in the warmer months.
A good jacket will broaden your shoulders, balance your frame and draw the eye away from your belly - if you have one.

Add colour
You chaps are the king of neutrals, and tend to plump for one or two favourite colours and stick to them. Admittedly it makes packing dead easy, but adding a little colour shows confidence, creativity and can take years off you. Go on - be brave!

Avoid Dad Denim.
Unless you are rocking the hip hop vibe, baggy, low slung denim is out, and always will be. Please stick to darker denim with a tailored fit, no wider than a straight leg. Dress them down with a Tee and funky trainers (here comes that colour) and take them to smart-casual by adding a Blazer and brown boots or loafers.

Mankle is sexy.
In the warmer months forgo the socks and roll denim or chinos up a little. It will add extra bulk to your calves; create a stylish tapering effect and show off your mankles and shoes. Swap sandals out for loafers or espadrilles and embrace continental-chic.

Sock watch
Please no bright colours or garish patterns. Tonal is the safe option and looks coordinated. Keep a variety of neutral colours in your wardrobe - remember, it’s these little details that make the whole outfit.

Order in
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