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Gossamer Beauty: Opals

Beautiful, mysterious opals... these very unique gems are top of the scale when it comes to superstitions associated with precious stones.

Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Bolney Estate English Wine Tour

The next vineyard on the Bentley Flying Spur tour was the Bolney Wine Estate in West Sussex. They are another family run business, who have been experimenting and developing English wines for many years. They are also one of the first, started back in 1972 by Janet and Rodney Pratt.

Dancing With Vivacity: The Briolette Cut

The briolette is one of the oldest cuts used in gem faceting, reaching its height of popularity in the 17th century. A briolette cut is a pear shaped stone whose surface is entirely cut with small, triangular facets.

Bentley Flying Spur V8 S Ridgeview Estate English Wine Tour

After an informative morning steeped in oenology, and a lot of spitting and no swallowing (well in my case anyway) we got back in the Bentley V8 S, placed our Blanc de Blancs 2008 in the Bentley’s wine cooler, with its two designer glasses and Star Trek swooshing glass door, and headed back out o

Top 10 Lake District Restaurants

I’ve been mouching around Cumbria recently and it really is quite bloody marvellous. So if you’re heading up there for some grub it’s worth noting that the Lake District is extremely good with food and its restaurants are some of the best on this planet.

Hunton XRS43: A Truly Bespoke Luxury Yacht

The British manufacturer of high performance luxury yachts, Hunton, is proud of their long heritage building bespoke boats to fit their clients’ dreams and desires. Known for their style, speed and comfort, Hunton boats are also widely admired for their innovation and luxury craftsmanship.

Top Ten British Luxury James Bond Essentials

Top Ten British Luxury James Bond Essentials

Here is a selection of the top ten luxury brands a British gentleman would love to own. Most of these are British and even James Bond would approve of the few that have become global brands.

Richard Mille 50-02 ACJ Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph

The world of aviation has always played an integral and inspirational role for Richard Mille due to the myriad of parallels with his own philosophy of 21st century watchmaking, combining horological tradition with new materials in the realisation of horological masterpieces.