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Bay Fables

Fable 2 Freeway to Love

Fable the Second

We have been travelling, as the cards foretold, in an ever more starry trajectory.  Sometimes the process feels so rapid, più veloce, that Yoda style, out of breath are we.  From Uruguay to Argentina, from Buenos Aires to Roma, from Roma to Genova, from Pisa to Madrid and back, and back again.  From Madrid, via the Angel at Madrid airport, the Madonna and the pair of Jesus’ at Pisa, I felt truly blessed to be in viaggio.  

Metanoia 3 - Buenos Aires via Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Buenos Aires via Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Three is such a good number, don’t you think? For me, always a significant one. The Oracles’ name in numbers is 3 + 3, for example. Highly auspicious. But where did we get to? Simply one’s achy breaky heart needed, naturally, some alone time. Sadness has never inspired, it is only joy that makes for this particular brand of creativity. Hence, dear reader, if you are still there, il silenzio. Mea Culpa.

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