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S.Novio Hosts A Glittering Dinner At Bob Bob Ricard

I had a lovely evening last night at the superb Bob Bob Ricard, hosted by luxury footwear brand S.Novio and the fabulous team at Pop PR.

The private dining room at the iconic Soho restaurant was buzzing, filled with the great and the good from the industry, from leading Stylists to prominent Magazine Editors. The room was filled with flowers and black balloons in keeping with S.Novio’s distinctive branding, and the designers shoes and boots were prominently displayed throughout.

Miranda's Men's Luxury Grooming Tips

Gentlemen! Do you have your grooming routine nailed?! With Spring getting ever closer, and Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not consolidate your skincare and maximise your chances of romance in the months to come?

In the words of Tom Ford: ”Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman. It is the way a man presents the best version of himself to the world.” I couldn't agree more.

Ten Tips To Lose Ten Pounds Instantly! A Fashion Editors Secrets To Looking Slimmer

You have finally finished up the last of the Christmas chocolate stash, the party season is well and truly behind us, and most of us are dreaming of somewhere hot and sunny as the perfect antidote to this grim grey weather. Waistband feeling a little tighter? Planning on hit the gym with a side order of a crash diet to undo that extra festive weight? Panic not - here are ten of my styling tricks that will slim you down instantly, meaning that you can literally have your Christmas cake and eat it. Enjoy!

Holiday Makeup

I’m always torn on holiday. Half of me wants to pack the kitchen sink, get glammed up to the nines and hit the town, the other half of me wants to kick back, wear my scruffiest, most comfortable clothes, let my hair go au naturel and not bother with a scrap of make up. Over the years I’ve found a happy medium on all fronts, (it’s good to switch off and relax, but that wardrobe of beautiful clothes aren't going to take themselves out you know) and found a snappy make up routine that literally takes about a minute, thanks to some really hard working products.

Top Personal Styling Tips For Ladies

When you know you look good, you feel good and your confidence soars. So ladies, follow these few simple tips to elevate your personal style and enjoy the compliments as they flood in - it will make you feel great.

1) Make friends with your neutrals. Whether navy, grey or taupe is your thing, make sure most of your everyday outfits are based on these easy shades and minimise the decision-making before you've had your morning coffee. They all coordinate with each other, leaving you play with adding a pop of colour if you wish.


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