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Google Chromium Operating System

This is a release of the open source code of the operating system which will soon be available on netbooks and will be a serious competitor to Windows. Unlike Windows it will be offered completely free.

The new operating system will be lightning fast, it starts up in 7 seconds and contain a plethora of applications designed to make internet work and play extremely easy and simple. It's a simple equasion, the easier and faster things are to use, the more people will use it. This new OS will be so fast because the applications will be inside the browser and therefore most of the work will take place on Google servers not on the laptop.

This means of course that all the information you use will also be stored on Google. This will be incredibly important in terms of further advertising advantages over the few competitors that Google has left. Microsoft revenues have fallen by 18% in the last two years while Google's have risen by 27%. Google are well ahead of the game and the lead looks set to increase.

The Chromium operating system will be released to consumers around this time next year and will become extremely popular. It will be interesting to watch the response from other operating systems. Google's approach of offering operating systems and applications free using internet search and advertising as it's revenue stream is proving to be extremely effective. Especially as digital advertising will overtake print and television this year and Google has the major share of worldwide digital media.

Advertising is set to become even more search based in the next year, with creative consumer targeting becoming the grail of producer consumer communication.

Watch this video to get the info straight from the horses mouth.




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