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Groundbreaking People Powered Car - The Brabham Project

Brabham racing are preparing to step back on stage in the form of the World Endurance Championship. For the Brabham purists, Sir Jack’s era was the pinnacle of the teams’ success and they may find this new chapter hard to swallow. Perhaps not though for this new era offers the opportunity to become part of Brabham in a way never previously seen. For the purists and non-purists alike, David Brabham’s way is the future.

When David Brabham took the decision to form a team he quickly realised in order to achieve the level of success enjoyed by the Brabham team in the 1960’s, hedging his bets may be the way to go. To maintain a successful team takes a whole lot of cash, a huge amount of work and of course a decent amount of time. To build a successful car and use it to its full potential is pretty much the same story. Hard work is usually available in abundance from passionate devotees but time and money can be quite difficult to come by in big lumps, unless…….

Crowd funding has opened up a whole new style of business, enabling small designers, inventors and even the unhinged to finance their dreams. In the return, funders are offered various perks. In some cases it is a chance to get your hands on the invention for free before it is released to the public; in the Brabham case it’s an opportunity to become part of the team. There are various opportunities to get involved, starting from as little as £1 to be a supporter and finishing at £500 to be called a team founder. There’s a whole bunch of perks in-between but be quick, funding started 3 days ago and one of the perks has already sold out!

David Brabham has aspirations to one day return his team to the top and compete in Formula 1. Whilst the likes of Mercedes, Redbull and McLaren probably won’t be shaking in their tyres just yet, they’ll be sure to keep a watch on progress – this could be the start of people powered motorsport.


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