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Jamie Bell Fantasy Portrait - Yves de Contades

Jamie Bell, CD, CMW:
They say in this industry that you are only as good as your last ad. And your last ad is only as good as the award juries say it is. So it is essential for modern creative people to keep their thinking fresh and their feet on the award podiums. Which is why I chose a Battle of Britain Spitfire pilot for my fantasy portrait. Like the aces of the RAF a creative will return triumphant or be royally defeated.

On the side of 'my' spitfire I have all of my own 'kills'. Let's hope the
coming missions will be just as successful.

(with thanks to Keith Ifould and all the team at the RAF Museum, Hendon)

Dr Cecilia d'Felice's psychological interpretation: Jamie Bell’s portrait captures many a youngsters dream, to soar eagle like in the skies as a Spitfire fighter pilot.  The nostalgic leather cap and gauntlets and iconic flying goggles suggest a man of discipline (or at least one who requires it to be imposed). A man who flies solo, but who enjoys the camaraderie of belonging, hinted at by the uniform. The gaze is steadfastly assured and the body open, arms wide, hands gripping the wing as if man and machine are one.  Both body and feet are turned away from us, so we are not threatened by this high scoring warrior.   His ‘kills’ denoted by his creative awards, suggesting he has fought hard to succeed and take ownership of his profession.  A man not afraid to do battle, to fight for what he believes in and to take risks when necessary.
      Flying dreams are often our most exhilarating as we traverse the world without obstacle.  They give us a sense of omnipotence: that we are untouchable and unstoppable.  They often occur when we are at our most creatively charged and reputedly augur great potential being realised.

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