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Johammer Future Design Bike

An Austrian company named Johammer have developed a futuristic electric cruiser. This science fiction motorcycle boasts a range of 200 km. The designers felt a new approach was needed so started from scratch to deign an electric bike from the ground up, rather than adapt an old motorcycle frame to take a battery and electric motor.

The motor and controller are integrated into the rear wheel and they are claiming special advances in battery pack development. The torsion-resistant aluminium main frame has been built to hold the shock absorbers and battery pack.

The position of the handlebar and footrests are adjustable for a very comfortable ride and great balance.

The coolest part of the bike is the dash displays which are integrated into each of the round rear-view mirrors. High resolution 2.4″ colour screens provide information relating to speed, revs, warnings etc with a quick glance.

The speed is limited to 120 kph or 75 mph but lets face it that is over the speed limit and it obviously contributes to the range so a worthy tradeoff, specially for commuters who want to get there fast, but make it back again without the need for a recharge.

You are going to need the right biker gear to go with, something from The Matrix perhaps?

The J1.200 model is available from € 24.900