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Lord and Lady at Chewton Glen Spa


Lord and Lady spent a day at Chewton Glen Spa and found it to be one of the best Spas in England, absolutely wonderful beauty treatments with a relaxing hydrotherapy pool that was great fun too.


Lady: His Lordship and I headed to Chewton Glen Spa for some treatments. The spa area is lovely, smells and looks gorgeous; quiet and calm. Staff incredibly welcoming, helpful and friendly, the personal touch from the hotel clearly extends over here. Head off to the waiting area, had a browse through the book of Linda Meredith's previous celebrity clients, Gwyneth Paltrow, Queen Rania of Jordan, Jude Law ... to name but a few. Beauty expert Linda Meredith has an exclusive collaboration with Chewton Glen spa, and her unique skin care products are available to buy; I experienced quite a few of them in the 60 minute Haute Couture Facial, while his Lordship tried out the uniquely Chewton Glen Ananda facial which means bliss in Sanskrit, (also 60 minutes),which uses ila products and treatments.


Lord: We were greeted by two lovely ladies, Tania and Georgina who explained the different aspects of the two facials.I was lead to a small room beautifully decorated with relaxation foremost in mind, summer scents drifting in the air. Tania started the Ananda facial with a relaxing foot massage and then moved to neck and head. She then started the process of cleansing my skin with various potions and unguents and then massaged my face till I was drifting in a trance. This meant that most of what followed was fairly mysterious as I was past noting or caring what was going on. From what I can remember, my face was massaged alternately with warm to hot to cold creams and cold flannels until non-being or nirvana was achieved. Tania's expertise in facial manipulation, both strong and delicate was total. whilst nervous at first I was soon completely relaxed and the bitter awareness came that this would not last for ever but would finish in an hour. An hour later, which could have been 5 minutes or a day, I was left to relax with an ice cold tea and gradually come to. Tania escorted me to the relaxing room which was great with an LED star illuminated ceiling that changed colours, personal sound system and reading light to illuminate the mood relaxing atmosphere. My wife joined shortly after having signed up for 20 more facials for the year and impressed with the oxygen blasting and saying go on feel how soft my face is every 30 seconds.


Lady: The lovely Georgina escorted me to a peaceful treatment room for my facial, and talked me through the whole treatment, a mixture of cleansing , strong exfoliating, steaming, massaging and moisturizing, she made sure I was comfortable and happy with the way things were going, basically she enabled me to get the most out of the treatment, which incidentally is a great one, for relaxation during and the condition of your skin after. After my hour of bliss I emerged, my face cleansed, plumped up and wafted along to the relaxation room to meet his Lordship and compare notes. Relaxation room is perfect, reclining chairs, earphones for music, personal reading lights if you fancy picking up a magazine, twinkling starry ceiling, very atmospheric.


Lord: The pool and Hydrotherapy pools are wonderful, the ozone treated pool is large and surrounded by pillars and reclining beds for reading and relaxing between swims. The Hydrotherapy pool is a combination of relaxing Spa, high powered water jets and Water Disney World. The jets are not only good for your back, neck, arms and legs but they are also great fun. The pool is shaped like a flowery biscuit mold with curved semi circles coming off the main area. Each of these circlular wall separated sections has a different function, with various water jet contraptions. Experimenting with each one is hilarious as you are not quite sure where the next jet of water will come from. The water level stops just short of the shoulders, my favourite was the stand up one where the jets come from all sides and is supposed to be good for lower back and legs. There were also beds in the water made up of steel tubes with the jets positioned below, so that you were pummelled from underneath, while relaxing lying down. Would have liked this more if the jets had been stronger. Another good one was meant for the neck and shoulders, it consisted of taps high above that dropped water on the shoulders with great force, the water bounced off the back like an explosion and ricocheted amusingly around the pool, great for splashing my wife who splashed right back. You could easily have spent the day in the Hydrotherapy pool alone, it's fun, healthy and relaxing. There were heated beds around the pool too, that warmed and relaxed you between bouts and a whirl pool just outside. Never mind hot tub parties, this could start a new fashion for Hydrotherapy pool parties.


Lady: The only point his Lordship hasn't covered (for obvious reasons) is the ladies changing room at the Spa (Wonderful (an Aladdin's cave of jacuzzies, saunas, huge showers, oodles of fluffy dressings gowns, towels and slippers and lots of Molton Brown goodies.


Lord: The men's changing rooms do incorporate steam room, sauna and numerous different showers as well!We decided to try the restaurant in the Spa for lunch, it overlooks both the pool and the gardens from the first floor and we were very glad we did. There was a buffet with oodles of Salmon, but we opted for a toasted pannini, I had the tomato and mozzarella panini stuffed with gorgeous ripe tomatoes worthy of the name, delicious. My wife had the tuna pannini and salad and both were exquisitely presented. The Spa is absolutely the best in its class and the range of beauty treatments enough to keep the most pampered soul experimenting for years. The ila products that I experienced left my face feeling soft for days and looking healthier than it has in years. My wife is still getting friends to see how soft her face is and I catch her looking up Linda Meredith products on her laptop when she thinks I'm not looking.


Lady: My favourite Linda Meredith products being Phyto 4 and V tox which is billed as the natural alternative to Botox available exclusively from Chewton Glen.


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