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Marcus Mustafa and Sarah Morris Fantasy Portrait - Yves de Contades

Marcus Mustafa and Sarah Morris, User Experience Architects, Lost Boys International:
Jackie and Frank – The Outtake (Series 1)
LBi is a 21st century company positioned slam bam in the middle of London's old East End – a part of the city traditionally known to be overcrowded with immigrants and poor people. The high level of poverty corresponded with a high incidence of crime, culminating in the notorious 19th century serial killings of prostitutes by Jack the Ripper. We thought it would be interesting to turn the tables, presenting the Ripper as a woman with an appetite for cheap lager and fictitious soap stars. Stepping out of the office, we're greeted with a mash-up fantasy world in which the real world seamlessly collides with digital experiences, and we were trying to capture a tiny bit of that notion. We'd like to make it clear that no one actually died during the shoot, and that both Sarah and Marcus safely made it back to the User Experience department.

Dr Cecilia d'Felice's psychological interpretation:
The East End’s history spans our imaginations as Jackie the Ripper meets Shameless. And why not? In this town anything goes and stranger things have happened. The beer can in Marcus’ gut, the knife raised to strike leaves us clenched and uncomfortable. Life in the gutter doesn’t look great. Jackie-Sarah looks too sweet to be so cruel, her genteel Victorian cap and velvet bodice unlikely counterparts to murder. But the naughty look in her eye suggests there are dark rivers running through that do not balk at taking risks or working with the counter-intuitive. Being other people than themselves gives them freedom to explore the dark sides of their personalities. Humour is important to these protagonists who do not wish to take themselves seriously and have a sense of eccentric occasion about them.