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Music News - Katalina Kicks

This new young band has it all. They are a passionate bunch who write and create all their own material. With real stage presence, the ability to put on a great live show and a front man who has something to say, this up and coming band is definitely one to watch out for in 2014.

In late 2008 Ian George (front-man from US signed band Kyro who had a Top 30 European chart success) met Olly Taylor, the original drummer from MCA signed band Fiction Plane, J Creswell from indie rockers Bear Knuckles and 'The Geiger', guitar genius from the band Remember all. Chance meetings in and around the west London music scene.

This was how Katalina Kicks was born.

Yves went to watch the guys rock out at The Water Rats. It's a musicians' venue, all the top modern rock bands such as Muse, Feeder, Katy Perry, Skunk Anansie have played there and some of them were also discovered there.

This is music land, half the crowd are in a band and there is nothing like an audience of your peers to get you playing at your peak. Citing Nirvana, The Clash, Smashing Pumpkins, The Kinks, The Stones, The Police, John Lennon, Chris Cornell, and Joe Strummer as some of their main influences, Katalina Kicks did not disappoint.

With thundering bass lines, pounding drums, gritty vocals and shredding guitars, the guys put on a great show which had most of the late teen early 20's crowd happily moshing away.

On the business side of things the band have a publishing deal with Air Edel and The Cutting Edge music group, one of the leading film music industry companies who have published the music for films such as Snatch, Donnie Brasco and Atonement to mention just a few.

'Publishing deals are the way for bands to make it big' points out Ian George. 'Get one of your songs out in a film or ad campaign and you can get instant recognition and finance. Publicity and air time that money can't buy, unless you're Simon Cowell'.

Many bands have been lifted from talented obscurity that way. Take for example The Rembrandts who wrote the song 'Ill Be There For You' the theme tune for the hit American sitcom Friends, which will no doubt keep the band fed on steak, chips, booze and a lot more besides for the rest of their lives.

Taking this into account Katalina Kicks are offering a fantastic investment opportunity, some financial backing for a slice of the bands future revenues, not to mention backstage passes and tour privileges. This is a great opportunity as they already have a publishing deal and avenues into the industry and have had individual chart successes in the top 30.

They are currently laying down their new tracks at Air Edel now and once finished they will be recording their video and start touring. They can often be caught at the Monto Water Rats Theatre in Kings Cross.

To catch their next gig go here and for all dates and venue information and some more background, pictures and videos of the band.


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