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Stand Up Comedy Bill Bailey Limboland Genius

Last night I watched agog as Bill Bailey performed his new live show, Limboland, at Glive (or “galive” as he calls it) in Guildford. The sheer raw talent, skill, energy and technique was quite awe inspiring. The term genius is too often used, but in this case there is simply no other way to encompass the range and abilities Bill Bailey exhibits in this two hour show.

You must see this show live, a dvd or television outing is not enough. This is not a show where you sit back and watch him perform, he wants some feedback and he will get it. He is relaxed and yet insistent that the audience participate and for good reason, Mr Bailey is at his best in a two way conversation, his sketches are eye wateringly funny, but it is the interaction that is genius.

His comedic talents range up and down the various techniques like he slides his fingers up and down the frets of his various guitars. He is accomplished at sketches, improvisation, one off contrasts and reveals, deadbeat, deadpan, crescendo buildup and every other bullet in the comedians gun, or should I say 9mm Uzi. He even sings as Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Not to mention that the eventual dvd may not have the starting monologue on Brexit, which is worth crossing continents to be a part of. Bill Bailey is an angry man, and quite rightly. His pithy, straight to the point, comments on the political turmoil, the sheer stupidity and incompetence that lead us there are wondrous. No one is spared, not any of the politicians or those who voted to leave. Bill as you quickly come to realise voted Remain and has hilarious stories of the bile he received on twitter accusing him of being a liberal, leftist, intellectual, metropolitan, luvvy. He is none of these things, he does not have to be, too quick, too intelligent to follow the herd, he thinks for himself with a mind that sees through all the ridiculous political lies and subterfuge and is not bent by prejudice or self interest. He laughs with despair at the media that pandered to this prejudice and fear and the knuckle dragging stupidity that allowed people to believe them.

His musical talent has been much written about and seen on tv, but to see it live, the quality of the sound he produces from every instrument, keyboard, guitar, bible banjo, log drum, cowbells, sampler is breath taking. Each song a parody, yet beautiful as a piece of music in its own right. His admiration and love of heavy metal music, and sludge is a clear driving force for quality, and when he plays it sounds like the angels announcing Satan on the red carpet. It's the care and passion as he plays the guitar and each note touches just the right tone to bring out the maximum emotion from the piece. He could play music for the entire show and have everyone standing for an ovation, equally he could do only comedy and have the crowd roaring. Actually he could just sit there and chat, no planning at all and it would be worth joining him for the sheer joy of sharing the rollercoaster ride that is Bill Baileys super quick mind.

Do whatever you have to do to get a ticket, this is the experience of a lifetime, there have been few who ever reached these heights of comedic genius and none who combined it with such unbelievable musical talent.


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