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Stuart Dickinson Fantasy Portrait - Yves de Contades

Stuart Dickinson, CD, FutureBrand London:
The year is 1965 and I’ve just been born. I don’t know it yet but I’ll become a creative who appears in an exhibition with 39 other creatives who all have their portrait taken, because they are creative. The place in the picture is Shoreditch and it’s a bit like the place where I was actually born, I don’t know it yet but I’ll spend some time living around there later on. The girl in the background is called Ruby she’s my daughter, and I don’t know this yet either. At some point later in my life, Ruby will convince me to wear a cream suit and white shoes for a picture that will feature in an exhibition about 40 creatives who all had their portrait taken because they were creative.

Dr Cecilia d'Felice's psychological interpretation:
This atmospheric portrait conveys a sense of past and future converging in the present. A man stands vibrantly in a pristine cream suit, spotless white shoes and immaculate shirt and tie in a contrastingly tired and run down pub. He is positively glowing. A bicycle leans curiously in the foreground redolent of a journey, perhaps with a ‘get on your bike’ attitude. A pretty young girl sits distantly, not looking at the subject, Stuart Dickinson, but clearly of the subject. His stance is powerful, standing his ground, but without aggression, his hands covering himself modestly, yet his broad shoulders and steady gaze denote a humourous toughness and a no-nonsense demeanor. A man who has come far, one suspects, and is proud of his achievements, not just in his career as seen in the fabulous suit but also in the presence of the young woman, his daughter.