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Tom Evans Fantasy Portrait - Yves de Contades

Tom Evans, CD, Sapient Nitro:
Keep it simple

Dr Cecilia d'Felice's psychological interpretation:
This relaxed composition suggests a man who is at ease with himself and the world. In this monochrome there is a sense of nostalgia, redolent of times less frantic and a chance to sit, talk and think.

Tom with his pint of what appears to be Guinness - a well known restorative – chills in his Breton stripes, giving him a Gallic charm, his open expression welcoming us in. It would be quite pleasant, one imagines, to converse with this man. His lovely, gentle face, particularly his eyes, has a restful and intelligent quality, while the lift of his mouth suggests a wry sense of humour.

His left foot is turned upwards, a hopeful sign, bringing out the playful child in him, while his right is turned towards us denoting his interest in that which is external to him. There is nothing threatening or intimidating about him as he adopts the classic ‘thinker’s pose’ pointing to his ability to introspect while at the same time, his willingness to engage as he turns towards us. A photograph that portrays openness, warmth and honesty.