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Trevor Chambers Fantasy Portrait - Yves de Contades

Trevor Chambers, Executive CD, Start Creative:
When Yves first asked me for my perfect portrait idea - whatever, however I wanted it to be, B/W or colour, classical or fantasy, studio or location - there seemed no limit to the possibilities and ideas. But once thought through I decided on a real, raw portrait that would represent my two passions in life, long distance cycle racing and creativity. I wanted the shot to be as pure as possible, one take and with a retro feel and a nod to the bygone age, when technology had no bearing on the outcome of a race. The idea was to capture the moment at the end of an endurance race, the final loneliness, with the rawness of the effort still etched into the lines of the face and the eyes as if in a trance, still locked onto the road ahead. There is the focus and attention you reach when you're pushing your mind and body beyond the everyday. And like in searching for the perfect creative idea, it's something you train for, you tirelessly work at, and before it's achieved it can be the loneliest place in the world.

Dr Cecilia d'Felice's psychological interpretation:
This image arrests our attention with its strength and resolve. Trevor is alert, ready for action, fit to go. One imagines him hurtling through time and space on the bicycle we do not see but know exists. He looks like an Olympic athlete, his face set with a steely determination to get the gold that is his by right. There is an intensity in his gaze that could be construed as intimidating, but points more on second glance to his passionate sensitivity. He has opened himself up to this portrait and inhabits it completely, holding nothing back.

The monochrome effect points to the black and white of polarised positions, further amplified by the contours of his cycling gear. Suggesting extremes, an all or nothing commitment and a burning vision mirrored in Trevor’s gaze. A portrait of great power.