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Victoria Gallardo Fantasy Portrait - Yves de Contades

Victoria Gallardo, Founder & Creative Partner, Creative Orchestra:
In advertising they say the pen is mightier than the sword. I'll take on anyone armed with a pen. And watch them run!

Dr Cecilia d'Felice's psychological interpretation:
This fantasy portrait allows Victoria to explore her shadow side. A woman holding a sword reverses stereotypical power differentials. The ‘katana’, the technical name for a Samurai sword is renowned for its curved, slender appearance, a little like Victoria’s own physique. It is also imbued with obvious phallic qualities. Who after all, would not want a penis, if only for a day? Katana’s are also reputedly the sharpest of swords with unique cutting abilities. One suspects, from the strength of expression on Victoria’s face that she too is razor sharp in her ability and drive. The reference to ‘Kill Bill’ is apparent, Victoria taking on the role of Beatrix Kiddo, ‘The Bride’, in Tarantino’s epic revenge drama. A little known fact is that women are as aggressive as men in the domestic arena but because of our smaller size and power we tend to cause less damage.

Victoria’s stance is interesting in that she faces us obliquely, her katana points down, intimating that it is not us she wishes to attack, rather she approaches with her weapon of choice as protector rather than aggressor. The flames that surround her do not scorch her, they seem instead to blaze at her command. Her femininity is heightened provocatively by her red finger nails and lipstick and her long glossy black mane of hair. A woman not to be messed with but to be treated with respect.