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Quarterre-Designers For The World’s Top Luxury brands

Quarterre is the luxury design studio that many people have never heard of and yet you will have seen their work everywhere. Have you ever wondered exactly who is behind the design of some of the most exclusive luxury cars in the world, or the style of the latest and greatest luxury yachts?
Quarterre’s four very talented designers are responsible for the limited editions of many of the top British and German luxury supercar brands as well as special editions of premium luxury luggage for these same iconic British cars and many other famous luxury brands.
These four friends have worked with prestigious companies from Bentley and Mercedes Benz to LEGO and Nike. They create refined products with an expert eye for line and proportion, informed by their wealth of experience in automotive design. Daniele Ceccomori, Clive Hartley, Nick Mannion and Jason Povlotsky formed Quarterre  in 2010 and are looking to put design at the centre of our world, starting with London.
Daniele Ceccomori's experience in design for luxury products spans from his early days at AKA Design when he was part of the design support team of the new Rolls Royce Phantom and whilst at Nissan he worked on the interior of the new flagship model Nissan Patrol, still today regarded as one of the most capable off-roaders around the world.
Daniele then moved to Bentley in 2008 where he was design leader of special projects within the Mulliner department. During this phase of his career he oversaw several one off cars specially commissioned by exclusive clients. These involved the design and execution of tailored interior architectures and extraordinary features replicating those found in luxury homes and first class airplane environments with use and application of new luxury materials.  At the same time Daniele was also leading the design of special model editions like Flying Spur Linley Edition and the Continental GT Supersports.
His activity also extended to the creation of special concepts to promote new high levels of luxury user experience. The unique folding luggage compartment transforming into a picnic lounge of the EXP-9F Geneva show car and the rear compartment of the EXP-10 Speed 6 in Geneva with bespoke designed luggage. Examples of design that extend beyond just the car and help to create more integrated landscapes between vehicle, customers and the space they live in. Daniele was also appointed Head of Product Design in 2011 and responsible for several product branded collections amongst which the bespoke set of luggage created for the Mulsanne and the Bentayga.
Clive Hartley started his career with Mercedes Benz in Germany, where he worked on projects as diverse as the A-Class, S-Class and ML-Class. The German marque’s legendary attention to detail provided him with the perfect schooling in automotive surfaces, proportions and detailing. It also provided the chance to work with such legendary designers as Freeman Thomas, creator of the Audi TT and at the time, head of Advanced Design at DaimlerChrysler in Detroit.
These experiences were put to good use when Clive led the Transport Design studio at Porsche Design in Zell am See, Austria, heading up a talented team of young designers working on projects as diverse as luxury powerboats and catamarans, aircraft interiors and electric cars. Porsche Design provided Clive with the challenge of not only getting to grips with a well-established and clearly defined in-house design language, but also adapting that to the needs of varied and demanding clients.
Nick Mannion has worked as a consultant with the iconic brand LEGO across 20 years of product development. He was the lead concept designer on many new play themes including Bionicle, Technic, Mars Mission, Dino Hunter and Power Miners. Responsible for creating model and character design visuals for the internal modelling teams. The role transitioned into developing strategic opportunities for their advanced front-end department. This involved researching and identifying new patterns across behaviour and technology, then developing innovative experiences that could be evolved into new business directions.
This exciting position allowed him to focus on crafting new products and services that foster kids’ creativity and expression. In particular, he has helped create several of the experience zones in the recently opened LEGO House attraction, in Billund Denmark.
Jason Povlotsky has enjoyed an eclectic career working around Europe for consultancies such as Seymour Powell, PDD, Native Design and OEMs including LEGO, BMW, Renault and Nissan. He has also worked in the entertainment industry, creating CGI models, computer animations and original designs for a number of network TV series. A fluency in digital 3D design is just one facet of Jason’s skill at solving complex design challenges with efficiency style and innovation.
The word Quarterre means an area or quarter, and refers to the fact there are four members of this influential and innovative luxury design consultancy. It is also a nod to provenance, where the client comes from, the importance of their world view and where they are going.
The team’s experience and back catalogue of work, combined with their attention to detail and finish brings unrivalled luxury expertise to every brief. Their involvement also adds value to the clients products as they have contributed to the success of so many prestigious luxury brands.
These talented guys at Quarterre believe in achieving the best results for every project, whether it's a public transport bus, bike or luxury supercar. Each project is a collaborative design between them and the client, and they task themselves with delivering exactly what the client wants to very high specifications.

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