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Brugal 1888 Rum-Cuba Libre-Santo Libre Cocktails

I recently stumbled across Brugal 1888 Rum.
Brugal 1888 is a genuinely impressive rum. It is produced in the Dominican Republic and combines the rich flavours of bourbon and sherry casks through a double-aging process.
This double aging process means that 1888 is first matured in hand-picked ex-bourbon American oak casks, then in European oak, first-fill sherry casks. The bourbon is certainly recognisable, and in Brugals’ own words; “This blend of two worlds gives 1888 a complex yet balanced spirit that stimulates the senses and evolves in the glass.”
This is very evident, and you find that Brugal 1888 takes you on a different journey each time you pull the wax-coated cork, depending on temperature.
At room temperature, the bourbon notes are enhanced. These are typically accompanied by hints of coffee, raisins, and vanilla. In a cooler ambiance, the first-fill sherry cask essence is accompanied by a whisper of toffee, red fruits and peach.
1888 is dark amber in colour, slightly reddish, luminous and radiant. Light and dry in character on the palate, this Brugal rum has a spicy essence of bourbon with a sweet, long-lasting finish.
The aftertaste is elegantly complex, and pleasantly sweet.
Fiery, provocative and piquant, 1888 is an absolute delight.

Best enjoyed sipped, neat at room temperature, but makes an excellent companion for cola.

Cocktail suggestions;

1 oz (or 30ml ) Brugal 1888
0.75 oz (or 22.5ml ) fresh lime juice
4 oz (or 120ml ) ginger beer
1 Wedge of lime
Pour the 1888 and the lime juice into a tumbler full of ice.
Fill to the brim with ginger beer and top with fresh lime to unleash the flavours of the rum. Salud!

The drink of freedom but with the soul of the Dominican Republic, this cocktail will never disappoint.
Brugal 1888.
2 oz (or 60ml ) Brugal 1888
4 oz (or 120ml ) Cola
Wedge of lime
Pour 1888 into a balloon or highball glass full of ice.
Then fill to the brim with chilled cola.
To help the flavors mingle, top with a fresh wedge of lime. Salud!

One of the most popular cocktails in the Dominican Republic, this drink is refreshing, simple and wonderful.
Brugal 1888.
2 oz (or 60ml ) Brugal 1888
4 oz (or 120ml ) lime lemon soda
0.25 oz (or 7.5ml ) Lime Juice
Wedge of lime
Pour 1888, along with some freshly squeezed lime juice into a tall glass full of ice.
Fill to the brim with chilled lemonade and finish with a wedge of lime. Salud!

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