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Miranda's Men's Luxury Grooming Tips

Gentlemen! Do you have your grooming routine nailed?! With Spring getting ever closer, and Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not consolidate your skincare and maximise your chances of romance in the months to come?

In the words of Tom Ford: ”Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman. It is the way a man presents the best version of himself to the world.” I couldn't agree more.

Most men use a moisturiser, but for many, a routine that extends past that feels distinctly un-macho. Can I just point out here that for us ladies (and certain guys), men are infinitely more attractive if they are well-groomed and take good care of themselves. We are not talking an hour a day in front of the bathroom mirror here - competition when I’m applying my morning makeup would be highly irritating - but a simple, highly effective routine, using superlative results-driven formulas that give a certain glossy, ‘I know what I’m doing’ sheen that really is just irresistible. Think Christian Grey without the helicopter, and you’ll get the general idea - you can thank me later.

Here is my pick of the best products that will deliver every time:


Keihl's Facial Fuel Energising Face Wash

It all starts with cleansing. This should be done twice a day; once in the evening to wash off all the toxic grime and pollutants that have gathered on your skin, and once in the morning to remove excess oil and prepare your skin for your moisturiser. Keep a bottle of this in the shower and you can quickly do your face before you rinse your hair.
American brand Keihls started off as an old-fashioned apothecary, and their no-nonsense approach to skincare appeals to men and women alike. This formula contains caffeine, vitamins and citrus extracts to awaken skin and leave it feeling refreshed. Just lather up on a wet face for a minute, rinse and you’re done.


Tom Ford Exfoliating Energy Scrub

Exfoliation is an essential! Not only does it slough off dead skin cells making your complexion brighter and fresher, it allows your other very expensive products to penetrate further, giving them the optimum conditions to work. Again, keep it in the shower and build into your morning routine. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can do this daily or less frequently - I recommend a minimum of twice a week for oh-so-strokeable skin.
This formulation from the elite beauty team at Tom Ford smells divine and contains particles of different sizes to ensure complete circulation. You can use this instead of a cleanser on exfoliating days, so it’s not keeping you away from your coffee any longer.

Nannette de Gaspé Youth Revealed Face Restorative Techstile Masque

Stay with me! I know what you’re thinking - you’re an Alpha Male who is not about to look like a ninny in a face mask, but please trust me. Masks have come a very long way since the war waged on blackheads during your adolescence. They are far less messy for one thing - especially the sheet masks that have become extremely popular over the last few years - and can deliver highly effective results whether you want lifting, plumping, anti-ageing or deep cleansing. Just have one up your sleeve and if you have a really big occasion or your complexion needs an SOS after a heavy night on the sauce - give it a try, and lap up the compliments.
While not aimed specifically at men, this brand really are the best at what they do, and deliver incredible results. The benefits of this formula include visibly tighter skin and fewer wrinkles. Just apply the mask to clean skin as directed and allow your face to drink up the benefits. It’s pricey but worth it, (the mask can be reused three times) deploy it when you need the big guns.


Tom Ford Shave Oil

Thankfully I don’t have a beard, so I am not about to give you any tips on how to shave yours. What I will say though is that designer stubble is sexy - but up to a point. There’s a major difference between the just-got-dressed nonchalance of a day or two’s growth, and full on neolithic face fuzz, so please do manage this. If you think you your technique could do with an overhaul, book yourself into a wet shave with an expert - the team at Ted’s Grooming Room are incredible, it’s such an indulgent experience - and you’ll learn exactly how it’s done first hand. This luxurious oil by Tom Ford is clear, so you can see exactly where you are going with your blade. It’s super-soothing and once again smells incredible.
If you do have a beard, keep it tamed by using a little beard oil. This softens the hairs, feeds the often-neglected skin underneath, and adds a hint of sheen and fragrance. I like Mr Burberry Beard Oil.


ReVive Sensitif Renewal Cream Daily Cellular Broad Spectrum SPF 30

If you’re not moisturising yet then it really is time to get down to it. Not only will your skin feel more comfortable, but it will have protection against the elements and ageing. It can feel counter-intuitive to moisturise an oily skin, but often this step can regulate the delicate balance and sort any issues out. This workhorse of a cream by Revive is super-light and very easily absorbed, leaving no residue. If you feel you need more moisture, just apply a second time. The formula uses Nobel Prize-winning science to really fight the signs of ageing and aid in cellular regeneration. I love the fact that is contains a sunscreen too - making catnaps in the park on a rare Summers day a totally skin-friendly treat.

Spending a few extra minutes each day with the right skincare arsenal, really can make a huge difference, so why not give your regime an MOT this Spring and make it really work for you. If you are going to invest - please don’t forget to look after those hands and feet too - the odd manicure and pedicure would be wonderful, but at least keep on top of any dry skin and keep nails trimmed - and last but my no means least, please manage the ear and nostril hairs! Personally speaking that is the ultimate passion killer! You may think you look rugged, but unless you have ripped biceps and are covered in motor oil (just a favourite daydream of mine) you really won’t be able to carry this off.

Happy grooming!

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