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The Kitty Hawk Flying Personal Car

Oh yes, we are one step closer to the personal flying car. This all electric personal flying vehicle is being made by a US company backed by one of the Google founder Larry Page. It has been tested over a lake north of San Francisco and while it only has a short range it looks pretty fantastic.

It is battery powered and the design is modelled on a drone, with eight blades powering the lift. It actually brings to mind a jetski that can fly for short periods, paired with something Luke Skywalker might have cobbled together as a boy on Tatooine.

It may not be the ultimate flying car, there are jet powered versions in design as well as other passenger drones in development, but it looks set to be a fantastic recreational vehicle for jet set lake living.

It has been deliberately aimed at lakes to gently usher in acceptance of such a flying craft with air authorities, but for the moment it looks to be the safest option too. We've all tried flying drones around and seen how stable they can be!

You can actually put up $100 now to get a $2000 discount on the final Kitty Hawk, coming out later this year. If you live on a lake this would be the ideal present for your partner and a heck of a way to drop in on the neighbours (pun intended).

This is a great new travel contraption with infinite possibilities for seeing new places that were hard to get to before and as batteries get more efficient we will see a lot more of these around. I look forward to the lake racing sports this will engender.

Formula One flying cars anyone?

You can see the video of the car here: Kitty Hawk Flying Car


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