Furygan Leather - Pro One Jacket / Raptor Pant Evo

Furygan Leather - Pro One Jacket / Raptor Pant Evo

Mon, 10/16/2023 - 23:22
Furygan Pro One Leather Jacket

In recent years I’ve been wearing textiles pretty much all the time. If it’s sunny or at least dry, I’ll wear a textile jacket and jeans, if it’s wet full textiles.

In my younger years, I always wore leathers, usually one piece. I was considerably thinner and younger then and as the years and kg’s rolled on, I gravitated towards textiles, it’s just easier and more practical. 

A couple of disadvantages with textiles are that they don’t offer as much abrasion resistance as leathers and that you can’t do any track work in them. You need leathers to go on track. I really fancy getting back on track, so to prepare for this I needed some leathers. 

There are lots of manufacturers to choose from, one-piece, two-piece, wild colours or simple. 

I wanted good quality with good protection, a simple design and a two-piece that was affordable, so opted for the Furygan Pro One Leather Jacket paired with Furygan Raptor Pant Evo trousers. It was an easy choice, I really like the Furgan brand. The quality is excellent and the Pro One jacket/Raptor pant evo combination looked great. Sizes available EU 36 – 50 / UK 26 - 40

The Furygan Pro One Leather Jacket is a high-quality, stylish, and protective motorcycle jacket. It is made from 1.2 to 1.4 mm thick, high-quality, grained cowhide leather, ensuring great resistance to abrasion. 

The jacket has a huge amount of in-built technology and safety; from styling to the selection of materials, to laboratory tests in the motion lab. Years of testing and development have led to the choices that are made today, to ensure we have the best-looking, best-performing garments available.

Furygan’s Pro One jacket has high tenacity bi-stretch inserts for optimal mobility when you’re on the bike, morpho-stretch inserts, gusset behind shoulders and elbows, neoprene inserts at collar and cuffs, triple seams, a lightweight breathable fixed lining and external TPU shoulder shells.

You have CE-certified D3O shoulder and elbow armour included and pockets for optional Furygan level 2 D3O® "Full Back Fury" back protector and D3O® “LNR” chest protectors. 

The design of the Pro One allows mobility without compromising on protection, thanks to high-quality leather coupled with high-tenacity bi-stretch inserts.

The connection zip is compatible with all Furygan trousers, in textile or leather. The zips are delivered complete so that they can be sewn onto NO-compatible products.

You have 4 pockets; 2 exterior and 2 interior (wallet pockets), plus waist adjustment tabs for a precise adjustment. Gussets behind the shoulders and on the elbows provide increased comfort and mobility when riding.

Furygan Raptor Evo Leather motorcycle trousers is a AAA Ce-Approved, high-quality, stylish, and protective pair of motorcycle trousers, made from soft, full-grain waterproof treated leather cowhide leather, which is supple and durable. The pant has a fixed satin Internal technical lining. Made from Colon, a material designed to maximize breathability and moisture absorption, for enhanced comfort.

These trousers have the best of Furygan racing technology and feature CE-certified D3O Knee and hip armour which provides the best protection in the event of a crash. The cut is a slightly more relaxed fit and there are high-tenacity bi-stretch inserts that make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

You have two connecting zips, one short and one full length, sewn on an elastic band and endurance Furygan sliders for a soft feeling but long durability.

The Rapton Evo trousers are very comfortable, easy to wear and obviously offer the highest levels of protection. The sizes are accurate, even a bit generous, and the fit is great. 

You just can’t beat a good set of leather for protection, add in comfort and style and you’ve got the Furygan Pro One Leather Jacket and Raptor Evo leather motorcycle trousers.

The trousers are available in sizes EU 40 - 50 / 32" - 42"