Mercedes EQS EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury Review

Mercedes EQS EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury Review

The Mercedes EQS EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury is a futuristic, luxury, long-range, electric grand tourer.

Mercedes EQS EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury

Mercedes EQS EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury

The Mercedes EQS 450+ is the first truly luxurious electric car. Mercedes has put everything into this, their new flagship, building the electric platform from scratch rather than adapting an S-Class. Think of this as a fully realised concept car with no compromise. Mercedes laying out their stall for the next few years with a luxury limousine that drives like a hatchback.

What first strikes you as you get in the car is the level of technology, attention to detail, luxury interior and comfort. All aptly represented by the MBUX Hyperscreen, a single panel of curved glass 141 cm wide stretching across the dash.

The Mercedes EQS has a battery capacity of 107.8 kWh, has 333 hp or 568/4,060 Nm of torque, does 0-62 mph in 6.2 seconds with a top speed of 130 mph. Battery charging time is 10 hours from an installed wallbox (400V/16A) from 10-100% and 31 minutes for 10-80% on a rapid recharger with 200 kW.

Battery range is best in class, over 453 miles which is a game-changer. How many times a year would you drive that distance? And with a fast charger at home, it will fully recharge from 0% overnight.

Four-wheel steering means the rear wheels swivel 4.5° (10° is an extra option too), so whilst it may be limousine long (5 metres) it turns on a dime.

The suspension is science fiction fantasy made real. It logs the road surface and shares that information with other Mercedes so the car is never surprised by a pothole again, adjusting the response beforehand. Perhaps they could share that with local councils too. And yes it's official, England has more potholes than any other country.

For the look, think of a streamlined shark, with chart-topping aerodynamic efficiency of 0.22. Yup, this car has the least drag of any production car on the road. Your 333 bhp is not wasted in pushing air forwards.

The bonnet slopes sharply down to a sinuous glossy front grill underpinned by twin side vents. Shaped by the wind for a low aerodynamic profile and sleek look. Observe the world from inside the plush cabin, passing through in relative anonymity, not shouting to be seen, or heard for the matter. Ninjas make more noise as they perambulate.

The Mercedes EQS interior is beautifully designed for exquisite comfort and luxury, combining blue Nappa leather with gorgeous ship-deck wood veneers and futuristic tomorrow-today technology.

The 141 cm MBUX Hyperscreen option is a must, it would be foolish to buy the EQS without it. A single panel of glass runs across the entire dash containing three screens including the driver's console. Plus there’s an excellent heads-up display which accurately displays the speed limit amongst other things. Vital when you are bombarded with so much digital information and just want to concentrate on the road ahead.

Passengers in front get their own screen to play music, games, videos and other apps. Awesome, as they don’t have to lean across into your space to help with navigation etc, lurching back and forth as you tear away from the lights. The controls are intuitive and super easy to use. We did not need to look up the manual or indeed google for instructions, it was glaringly obvious and each screen button was large and responded quickly to touch. The apps will sync to your calendar and office cloud so a passenger can work from the car as if on their laptop. This is the ultimate executive limousine, after all.

Everything is ergonomically designed, combining screen and physical buttons to great effect and the atmospheric LED lighting creates a lovely ambience. There are buttons on the wheel and middle column so you’re not completely screen reliant. A convenient shelf also wirelessly charges your phone, both in the front and rear seats, essential for long trips.

Turn the car on with the Start/Stop button and then touch the little button beside it to log in to your personal assistant using your fingerprint. It also has voice recognition access. You are then welcomed and can use a variety of commands to change your environment or driving options.

The MBUX assistant voice-activated controls are the best yet and the car monitors your eye line to warn you if you’re getting tired or if your attention is drifting. At last, a car that rebukes you if you’re not driving properly.

Seats in the Exclusive Luxury version have ten massage settings. These can massage your back and your glutes, which are the muscles most affected by long drives. An option to consider if you will be touring long distances.

The interior has a lot of character, resolving the issue with many electric cars that go all out on minimalism. This feels like a super luxurious environment, not an appliance. A luxury interior that matches the very best even at a higher price range.

Five seats and plenty of legroom and headroom in the back make this the first true electric limousine, rear comfort is fabulous. Just lay back in the Nappa leather and marvel at the silent world as it flashes by the window.

The front and rear camera are practically DSLR quality, so feel free to use your Mercedes for portraits. The 360° camera view is precise to the millimetre. Rearview visibility is good, but the rear window is on the small side. Blind spot warning comes as standard. There’s a 610-litre boot capacity, though there’s no frunk as Mercedes seal the bonnet for better aerodynamics.

The electric motor is so quiet, it’s amazing I did not run over more people, but be advised, no one knows you’re coming. Torque is more than lively so rapid lane changing is a breeze, partly because it is so consistent, giving you that jolt of acceleration whether you’re going two miles an hour or 60.

The EQS 450+ charges up to 200 kWh, so 20% to 80% in 25 minutes which is roughly the time it takes to stop anywhere and fill up with petrol anyway. 80% will give you more than 360 miles of range. So a quick 15-minute stop, if you're in a rush, will still give you more than 180 miles.

The various charge points are not as good as the Tesla network yet, but MercedesMe provides you with a single card to access every charger, so no faffing with different provider apps. Mercedes also give you a free year’s charging with Ionity with every model.

It's all about the steering wheel paddles to maximise your range. No more braking, just increase or decrease the amount of regeneration on the brakes for one-pedal driving. There are three stops on each paddle. Go full regeneration for true one-pedal driving, or one-stop for smooth, limo comfort.

Steering is luxury soft, this is a cruiser, not a boy racer. There is little or no cabin roll, the two and a half tonnes and the low centre of gravity keep this sleek dart solidly on the road.

Long-distance driving in the EQS is a breeze, the cabin insulation, noise-cancelling and smooth ride mean you arrive everywhere fresh as a daisy. In fact, the EQS is a breath of fresh air in the luxury electric market, unique in its class. There’s no real competitor in this limousine segment yet. Bentley and Rolls Royce are missing a trick. Interior luxury will grow in importance for differentiation as electric motors make all cars hyper-performant.

The EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury raises the bar, with the best range, flawless interior comfort, futuristic technology, superb attention to detail and powerful performance.

Mercedes-Benz EQS starts at £102,160

Our model Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury:  £121,990…


We’ve listed the full technical details as even the standard model is impressively stacked.


• The EQS showcases the innovative MBUX Hyperscreen with multiple displays that merge seamlessly under one piece of glass to create a curved
screen over 141 centimetres wide. The MBUX Hyperscreen is available

• EQS is the first all-electric luxury saloon from the Mercedes-EQ brand. Prices start from £99,995 for the EQS 450+ AMG Line.

• With a range of up to 453 miles (WLTP) from its 107.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, the 333 hp EQS is the new flagship of the Mercedes-Benz battery
electric vehicle (BEV) line-up. It is also the first Mercedes-Benz model to use the all-new modular platform architecture designed expressly for
large luxury and executive-class electric vehicles.

• The EQS showcases the innovative MBUX Hyperscreen with multiple displays that merge seamlessly under one piece of glass to create a curved
screen over 141 centimetres wide. The MBUX Hyperscreen is available on AMG Line Premium models and above; it will cost £7,995.

• The 107.8 kWh battery features a 200 kW DC on-board charger, allowing it to charge from 10 to 80 per cent in 31 minutes. This is enough to
deliver an extra 186 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

• EQS 450+ AMG Line models come as standard with 20-inch alloy wheels; AMG Line body styling elements in high-gloss black and chrome;
4.5-degree rear-axle steering; panoramic sunroof; full leather upholstery; heated seats front and rear; a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel in Nappa leather; 12.3-inch driver display; MBUX multimedia system with 12.8-inch OLED central display; Driving Assistance Package and MBUX augmented navigation.

• AMG Line Premium adds 21-inch AMG multi-spoke alloy wheels; DIGITAL LIGHT with Light Band; interior active ambient lighting; acoustic privacy glass; a 360-degree camera; Driving Assistance Plus; and a Burmester® surround-sound system. AMG Line Premium models are available for an extra £7,000 over AMG Line trim.

• Costing £7,000 more than AMG Line Premium, AMG Line Premium Plus brings a head-up display; remote parking functionality; and the gesture- controlled MBUX interior assistant.

• EQS 450+ Luxury models feature equipment levels equal to the AMG Line Premium trim, but replace the sporty focus with a more classic style. This includes all new Microcloud Artico upholstery combined with ship-deck wood; comfort seats with comfort headrests; heated steering wheel; and 22-inch alloy wheels. EQS 450+ Luxury trim is aligned pricing-wise with AMG Line Premium trim, costing £7,000 more than AMG Line cars.

• Exclusive Luxury trim adds multi-contour massage seats with climate control; an air balance package; and Nappa leather upholstery. Exclusive Luxury costs an extra £7,000 over Luxury-spec vehicles. The optional Rear Luxury Lounge package (£3,995) is also available on the Exclusive Luxury model line and includes electrically adjustable rear seats with massage functions; comfort rear armrest with wireless smartphone charging and Android tablet; climate control for rear seats; Mercedes interior assistant; additional USB ports and adaptive interior lighting.

Battery type On-board charger Power output Torque Acceleration 0-62 mph Maximum speed Range Battery capacity Charging time: Wallbox (400 V/16 A) 10-100% Public rapid charging (200 kW) 10-80% Towing capacity – braked/unbraked Kerb weight

Technical Data

Lithium-ion high-voltage
11 kW (AC) and 200 kW (DC) 333 hp
568/4,060 Nm at rpm
6.2 seconds
130 mph
407-453 miles (WLTP)
107.8 kWh

10 hours
31 minutes 750/750 kg 2,480 kg

Load capacity Height Length Width Front axle Rear axle Braking system

Steering Battery warranty Warranty

Breakdown assistance

610-1,770 litres 1,512 mm 5,216 mm 2,125 mm

Air spring Air spring

Discs: internally ventilated, front and rear

Speed-dependent, electro-mechanical 10 years, 155,000 miles

Three years/unlimited mileage; up to 30 years corrosion from inside out

30 years standard Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance (pan-European)

Standard equipment highlights


• Acoustic privacy glass

• DIGITAL LIGHT headlamps

• Panoramic sliding sunroof

• Mirror package

• Heat- and noise-insulating, infrared-reflecting laminated glass

• AIR BALANCE package

• Heated windscreen

• Memory package

• 64-colour ambient lighting

• Multi-contour, heated front and rear seats, with luxury front head restraints

• Massage Energizing Comfort package

• Heated AMG multifunction sports steering wheel in nappa leather

• THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

Communications and in-car entertainment

• 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster display and 12.8-inch media display

• Digital radio and Burmester® surround sound system

• EQ navigation services

• Live traffic information for three years

• MBUX augmented reality for navigation

• Head-up display

• MBUX Interior Assistant (front)

• Pre-entry climate control

• USB package, smartphone integration and wireless charging

Safety and security


• Active Traffic Sign Assist

• Driving Assistance package Plus

• EASY-PACK tailgate

• KEYLESS-GO Comfort package

• Parking package with Active Parking Assist, 360o camera and remote parking (three-year subscription)

• URBAN GUARD Plus with anti-theft protection hardware

Steering, transmission and suspension

• AIRMATIC air suspension struts with integrated adaptive damping system at the front and rear axle – automatic level control system, depending on load. Suspension level can be raised for rough roads and is automatically lowered at high speeds, MBUX can remember these actions and suggest them when arriving at the same location

• DYNAMIC SELECT – three different drive programs, ECO, COMFORT and SPORT, plus INDIVIDUAL setting

• 10° rear axle steering

Battery and charging

• Charging cables – Type G Mode 2 cable (5 m) and Type 2 Mode 3 cable (5 m)

• IONITY unlimited – free rapid charging for one year at all IONITY stations

• Mercedes me Charge – three year subscription


• Geofencing

• Parked vehicle locator and Remote vehicle finder (both free for three years)

• Remote door locking and unlocking (free for three years)

• Sliding sunroof/windows with remote closing and opening (free for three years)

• Remote retrieval of vehicle status – shows mileage, tyre pressure, washer fluid level, etc.

• Send2Car function (free for three years)

• Speedfencing

• Stolen Vehicle Help (free for three years) and Vehicle Tracking

Wheels and tyres

• 22” alloy wheels – 5-twin-spoke design, aerodynamically optimised, painted black with a high-sheen finish

Options fitted to this car

Hyperscreen package £7,995.00 - 17.7-inch central display and a 12.3-inch passenger display
- Augmented navigation head-up display
- Fingerprint scanner