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International Culture

International eXcellence luxury magazine

Red Bull Air Race Ascot

Red Bull is associated with high-class events about as much as Katie Price is mentioned as a fine example of good manners in Debrett’s. Ascot, however, the opposite. What a strange occurrence, then, that the two should come together.

Sohana Research Fund Silver Butterfly Dinner at RIBA

International eXcellence Magazine was privileged to be invited to attend the Silver Butterfly Ball at the Royal Institute of British Architects to raise money for the Sohana Research Fund. Sohana is a lovely 12 year old girl who was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa otherwise known as EB.

Albert Hall 'Secret' History Tour...Czech It Out!

The Royal Albert Hall ('RAH'), probably the world’s most famous stage that opened in 1871 under the vision of Prince Albert, earlier this year launched another act as part of its ‘off-stage’ line up - the Secret History Tour.

Masterpiece Fair 2015

‘Masterpiece’ is a very apt title for arguably the most impressive exhibition from the 25th of June to the 1st July in the Royal Hospital Gardens.  The event now has its place firmly established in the ‘English Summer Season’ as it has assumed the status of the former Grosvenor Fair.  

Aston Martin DB10 For Mr Bond

Aston Martin have confirmed that James Bond will once again drive an Aston Martin in Spectre. On this occasion, it will be a model developed specifically for the film and built in-house by the brand’s design and engineering teams.

Ruby Wax Book: Sane New World

This is an excellent book. Well worth reading, certainly explains why some people behave so oddly. Also great tips on how to get the most from life and to learn to enjoy every moment.