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Queen Of Icelandic Crime 'Noir' Yrsa Comes To London

It’s perhaps ironic that with Iceland having one of the lowest murder rates in the world, the local population is lapping up crime fiction by Icelandic and foreign novelists in the murder mystery genre. You just have to compare homicides in Reykjavik to Caracas.

Saas Fee - Picturesque Swiss Ski Resort - Where To Go

Saas Fee obviously gets into the blood as successive generations come to ski in this low-key and very relaxed resort.  The large village is car-free and whilst there are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, they are not adorned with the intrusive signage seen all too frequently these days.   

Roger Smith: The Very Best Watches Take Time

I landed at a small regional airport and was then whisked across a beautiful, well-manicured rural landscape dotted with small communities.   We skirted a low mountain passing small farms on the well-kept roads; the skies were clear as there is no heavy industry.  There was obviously a healthy, e

African Fashion: From Brown Fleming To Vlisco Today

Brown Fleming dominated the market for imitation wax prints on the West African Coast and although several attempts had been made to get an insight into Previnaire’s production process it was only around 1910 that several other companies in the