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The Five Best Digital Cameras in the World

There is a lot of talk in various newspapers about the Best Digital Cameras, claiming that they are for good amateurs or professionals when they are in fact point and click cameras.There is nothing wrong with point and click cameras. In fact the technology and processing software has developed so much in the last decade that you could shoot both magazine editorial and for fine art purposes on an automatic camera and no one would be the wiser.

The Most Expensive Bottles Of Wine In The World


$500,000 (for charity) - Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992

- Technically the highest price ever paid for a bottle of wine. However, the price paid was for charitable purposes.


$275,000 – Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck: the world's most expensive Champagne.

Best Gun Brands in the World



The company was founded by James Purdey in London, England in 1814. James Purdey & Sons Limited hold and have held numerous royal warrants as gun and rifle makers, appointed by the British and other European royal families.


Holland & Holland

10 Most Expensive Bottles Of Vodka In The World


1. Billionaire Vodka
Price: $3.7 million - "Billionaire Vodka" will set you back a staggering $3.7 million. The wheat-based spirit is run through diamonds to remove impurities, and the 5-liter bottle is adorned with 3,000 diamonds and faux fur.

5 of the best Private Jets


1. Airbus A380 (Prince Alwaleed bin Talal) - $500-Million
- This double-decker behemoth is said to feature a garage for two Rolls-Royces, a stable for horses and camels and a pen for hawks. At $500 million one can only imagine travelling in such luxury.

The iconic Sé

The iconic Sé Time Piece side tables by Jaime Hayon are now stocked at Mint,
Lina Kanafani’s cult design store in London