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Hendo World's First Hoverboard Here at Last

As promised so many years ago in the film Back To The Future but so far it has singularly failed to materialise, the Hover Board is a last in its first phase. This concept board has been engineered by Greg Henderson and uses his patented hover engine technology.

Nixie Wearable Drone Quad Camera

Wearable technology is all the new design and concept rage. That and the connection of products and things to the the net and us. We may not become cyborgs over the next decade but we will certainly be dressing like one.

Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike - eXcellence in Motion

It's not brand new but the 1199 Panigale is a super bike to drool over. Also the photo campaign by Moto Corsa is hilarious. They did the usual super bike shots with a scarily clad lady and then swapped in a few more beefy chaps to even the playing field and give women something to enjoy.

Lamborghini Asterion Plug-In Hybrid

Automobili Lamborghini unveiled its first plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technology demonstrator, the Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4, making its world debut at the 2014 Paris Mondial de l’Automobile.

Lulu Guiness Autographer Photo Bag

Lulu Guinness introduces the new Autographer bag; a versatile cross-body bag featuring a hidden Autographer camera to capture those special summer moments without you having to lift a finger.


Zai Senda Golf Putter for Purists

Zai Senda is a unique line of premium golf putters combining Swiss-made precision with the innovation and golfing expertise of Zai.

The range comprises three distinctive putter styles: Senda Blade, Senda Hybrid and Senda Mallet. All share the following Zai features:

QuizTrail Launches Treasure Hunt with Dan Snow

QuizTrail launches new treasure hunt style platform and app with exclusive History Trails from Dan Snow. Learn and discover more about your city and favourite places, win Prizes and get out and about with QuizTrail.

New Affordable Micro 3D Printer

The new Micro 3D printer promises to retail at $349 and brings affordable precision 3D printing to your desktop.

How quickly technology now improves and falls in price! Last year these machines were $2000 minimum.

Interview with Popular Science Author Ian Stewart

Yves de Contades Interviews Ian Stewart FRS
Emeritus Professor of Mathematics
Digital Media Fellow
Mathematician, broadcaster, science writer, science fiction writer

Research Interests: Dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, pattern formation, biomathematics

Oculus Rift Immersive Virtual Reality Headset

The Oculus Rift is the next step in gaming, a virtual reality headset that every kid dreams of having.

Designed by Palmer Luckey who wanted to make a quality headset that every gamer could afford.