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International eXcellence Luxury Magazine Technology

Oculus Rift Immersive Virtual Reality Headset

The Oculus Rift is the next step in gaming, a virtual reality headset that every kid dreams of having.

Designed by Palmer Luckey who wanted to make a quality headset that every gamer could afford.

MetaPro SpaceGlasses-Visual eXcellence

Meta Pro SpaceGlasses

Meta Pro launch the SpaceGlasses in July. 3D glasses that project your smart phone, computer or even apps inside the lenses so you become a mix of Iron Man and Minority Report. Competition for Google Goggles or will they just buy the company?

Driverless Cars

Heathrow Airport is now using driverless pods transporting passengers in Terminal 5.

These pods can carry up to four people between the business car park and the main building, and their batteries recharge themselves between rides.

HYT H2 Watch

The new tour de force from the Hydro Mechanical Horologists.

BMW i8 - Electric Hybrid Sports Car

The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that brings together the advantages of electromobility and innovative engine technology. The result is an extraordinarily dynamic driving experience, combining impressive efficiency with extremely low CO2 emissions. The BMW i8 is a sports car, reinvented.

Volkswagen Create Augmented Reality Car Manual

Volkswagen and the digital company Metaio have developed an augmented reality app that will instruct owners of the Volkswagen XL1 how to maintain, dismantle, repair and service their new car.

New Robot Butler?


The new robot from Unbounded Robotics is Wally mixed with Isaac Asimov’s The Bicentennial Man. The age of household robotics is here at last.

The First £60 3D Printer and Scanner

3D printing is set to revolutionise the way we design and create. If you are new to 3D, start reading up on it now. The way products and pretty much anything is made is about to change.

World View Space Balloon Trip


“Majestic views of our planet, slowly expanding below, are certain to captivate you, as you ascend to the edge of space. “ World View

Bond Bracelet

Are you having a long distance relationship or just miss someone whenever they aren’t there? Then Kwamecorp have come up with a gadget that will literally keep you in touch.

Manhole Covers Recharge Your Car

Good news for electric car owners in New York City, you will soon be able to charge your vehicle on the go.

Called ‘Hevo Power’, it is a wireless charging station that will be installed into manholes around NYC—charging your car when you park over them.

Computerised Beer Machine eXcellence


Can you wait two and a half hours for a beer? Well, maybe if you are making it yourself. Yes, now you can make a decent beer in under three hours with this new American made machine.