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Pininfarina - Made in Italy


Until now I have never really considered myself a petrolhead, however I must admit that since purchasing my 'new' car, I am as they say 'in love'. The car in question? An Alfa Romeo GTV.

The Republicans Make a Stand

With deadlock in Washington and default date looming on the 17th there seems to be a general feeling that when the time comes one party will blink and the problem will go away, after all America will never default?

Olympus Has Fallen

I have always been fascinated by the relationship between the film industry and social mood not just in Hollywood, but indeed globally.

The Billion Dollar Video Game


If you weren't aware of the release of the latest instalment of the video game franchise Grand Theft Auto then I really have to ask the question, where on earth have you been?

5 of the best Electric Bikes


  • The Spencer

50 miles torque-sensitive pedal-assisted power, high-quality Shimano gears and brakes, and a maintenance-free Panasonic engine.

The future of space travel

Each new destination in the sky above brings the promise of new answers to some of humanity’s oldest questions: how life began on Earth, how our solar system evolved, and what changes lie in the future. Exploration missions to NEAs or Mars may help answer those questions.

Sir Martin Sweeting Space Interview

Yves de Contades interviews Sir Martin Sweeting OBE FRS FREng, GEC of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (the world’s leading small satellite company) and Head of the Surrey Space Centre (the world’s leading research centre for small, low cost space missions).

Size Matters in the World of Robotics

IEEE Experts Identify Small Robots that Hold Big Potential for Extending Life Expectancy By 2030
Advancements in Robotic Technologies Will Enable Life-altering Innovations
in Food Safety, Medicine, and Search and Rescue

David Murrin of Emergent Asset Management-Futurology

David Murrin is a leading market analyst and fund manager who lectures widely on financial markets and appears regularly as a keynote speaker on CNBC, at international conferences and on company boards and is the author of “Breaking the Code of History”

Robots – up close and personal

Personal Robotics is an area focused on developing robots for common interface through Human Robotic Interactions (HRIs) for the general public. The objective is to automate certain tasks in home or workplaces by making human life more productive and enjoyable.

The Internet of Things: How will it be used?

The Internet of Things is quickly becoming a reality as manufacturers are increasingly linking “things”, such as smartphones, appliances, cars and machines, to the Internet and to each other.