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Database Business: It Really Is All About You

This Time it’s Personal. It Really is All About You

The future of advertising, really the future of all business, social interaction, our quality of life and learning is about to be governed by algorithms. Rubbish I hear you say, we are in control of our lives, decisions, learning and future. Well, not for long unless we look very carefully at how we structure the internet and our collection of personal data over the next few years and tailor the code, that will soon run much of it, with an eye to ethics and quality of life over personal gain.

Loving Lauge Jensen Motorbikes

Yves de Contades hopped over to Denmark to take a look at the bespoke luxury designer bikes by Lauge Jensen.

A quick flight from London City Airport took me to Billund, Denmark, the home of Lego. Legoland was shut that day, however I was here to look at some beautifully engineered, chrome and gold motorbikes rather than the bestselling interlocking plastic bricks and their theme park.


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