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Excellence Group Luxury Event McLaren London

The eXcellence Group hosted a luxury network event of British excellence and wealth at McLaren London, 100 Knightsbridge last month.

The event brought together the very best British and International luxury brands, combined with the opportunity to invest in the latest successful innovative tech, media and luxury startups. The guests were a mix of ultra high net worth, angel investors, capital investment firms, family offices and successful entrepreneurs looking to invest in new technologies and future forming business ideas.

Women Entrepreneurs: Erin Moroney: Nibble Protein Bites

So we all know the story. A blogger starts making a recipe in his/her kitchen, attracts a ton of followers, is wooed by corporate, then brings a healthy product to market, right? Wrong. If only it was that straight forward. . .
Nibble Protein Bites, the new must-have, lower sugar, high protein snack, was created out of necessity by founder, Erin Moroney.  And annoyingly the final recipe came quite a while after the idea (about 300+ recipe versions later!).

Feted Rioja Producer Muga Lights Up The Taste Buds

Sommeliers have changed; traditionally they were unapproachably arrogant and regarded themselves of the kings of the wine trade.  However, there are exceptions, sadly there is one in an otherwise highly respected Knightsbridge hotel.  When the topic  of rose wine was raised in an interview, I para-phrase, he said with disdain, “I do not regard rose as worthy to be called a wine, but guests request it in the summer so I include it on the wine list from May until September”.

Wearable Tech The Next Step

It's all about wearable tech, the latest buzz is not robots ruling the world, but wearing the tech and interfacing more closely with the digital environment around us. We will slowly merge with the technological revolution and it will be all about simplicity.

You will not need a degree in computer engineering to use the latest innovations, but will employ the greatest and latest software and hardware with the flip of a wrist, the swipe of a hand or a casually voiced command.

Groundbreaking People Powered Car - The Brabham Project

Brabham racing are preparing to step back on stage in the form of the World Endurance Championship. For the Brabham purists, Sir Jack’s era was the pinnacle of the teams’ success and they may find this new chapter hard to swallow. Perhaps not though for this new era offers the opportunity to become part of Brabham in a way never previously seen. For the purists and non-purists alike, David Brabham’s way is the future.

Culture Jamming-Create a Happy Company

Culture Jamming is the latest term to come from the states. Essentially it’s a cool Californian term for engaging and creating a team spirit with your employees.
Many companies have an outward facing ethos but do little to foster that ethos within their own community.

Marketing your message out to clients and the world is one thing, but you need to have everyone on your own company rowing in the same direction and enjoying the ride.


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