About IX Magazine


About International Excellence Luxury Magazine

A truly beautiful luxury magazine that covers the finest in luxury travel, luxury brands, quality, excellence and all things related to the word excellence. We are curious about everything in the world but focus prmarily on luxury travels, brands, supercars, yachts, watches and technology.

We seek out excellent people from all walks of life, from every part of the world, who make a difference. Those that create exceptional things, businesses or behave in exceptional ways. Exceptional people give back more than they take and contribute to our society in deep and meaningful ways .​​

Excellence is not about money, it's about talent, passion and drive. Caring for others and the work produced are more important than a price tag.

Why IX Magazine? Because you appreciate excellence in all its forms and adore true craftsmanship and a passion for quality. And because you like to define a style and be unique. Come around every day and find something new. We travel all over the world seeking adventure, discovering new places, exploring new sports and experiences. We are hands on and personally review the finest resorts, hotels, supercars, yachts, watches, technology and drinks.  Enjoy. :)​

​​E-mail us on editorial@internationalexcellence.co.uk if you have something to contribute or wish to join us.

IX Luxury Mag Team

The IX Magazine Team

We are a team of friends and colleagues that have all worked in the luxury industry for an average of 35 years each.

We bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and discernment that we love to share candidly and honestly with people that are passionate about craftsmanship and quality.

We were all educated in varous parts of the globe and have lived and worked in many different cities. We love travelling, reading, adventure sports, learning from new cultures and implementing new technques in work and life.

Curiousity and learning are the fundamental characteristics we all share. We are keen to learn from others and welcome all steers, contributions and tips on new luxury brands, travel locations, craftsmanship and excellent people from all walks of life.

IX Magazine Team