About International Excellence Luxury Magazine

About International Excellence Luxury Magazine

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About International Excellence Luxury Magazine

About International Excellence Luxury Magazine

About International Excellence Luxury Magazine

International eXcellence Magazine, as the name suggests, is about all that is excellent from around the world, experiences in business and/or pleasure where one's expectations have been truly surpassed. Excellence can be experienced in so many different ways - customer service that goes that extra mile, the latest bespoke supercar or motorbike, a once in a lifetime adventure, the sublime design of a beautiful watch or piece of jewellery, an exquisite meal, a staggering piece of art or theatre. In all these cases, and many more, of course, there is an attention to detail and a passion that pushes the results through to an extraordinary level and thus an excellent experience is achieved.

We feature excellence from all walks of life online, and also in print; and our websites are fully responsive, designed to work perfectly with mobiles and tablets. 

We enjoy this being a collaborative effort, with you the discerning audience, so please join us in our quest to discover excellence around the world, share your experiences of excellent service, customer care, products, art, travel, dining - whatever and wherever, if it has been truly excellent we would love to hear about it.

International eXcellence is all about living an excellent life, getting the job that fulfils us, work that you love, starting your own company, travelling all over the world, learning from new cultures, developing close friendships with the best people, constantly learning new things and developing to improve ourselves and our network of friends and colleagues.

Over 99% of our glorious images are generated in situ and created by our team. We prefer to visit, review and appraise cars, adventures sports, brands and locations directly ourselves. So you know that we speak from direct experience and can trust and rely on our informed and discerning opinions.

We are now more than ever an international culture and this geometric spread of knowledge and ideas benefits us all. Share your ideas and knowledge with the rest of the world and let's make this a truly international repository of excellence. Please get in touch if you have excellent ideas, stories, or tips you would like to share with our audience of curious, intelligent, open-minded, professional, international explorers of excellence.

Our reviews aim to transcend the ordinary; they epitomise the essence of luxury experiences. What defines luxury brands in the context of your lifestyle? How do they elevate and enrich your existence?

Our supercar reviews are seamlessly interwoven with opulent travel experiences. We traverse between 600 to 3000 miles on a journey of discovery, immersing ourselves in the essence of the car's persona and its suitability across varied scenarios, from enduring long European escapades to everyday errands.

It's about seizing every moment, grasping the Lamborghini's power by the horns and riding until every drop of exhilaration is savoured, or galloping the Ferrari across majestic terrains, revealing uncharted territories, embracing diverse cultures, and engaging with captivating new people.

Each review is an intimate narrative of our interaction with the most exquisite luxury offerings. We don't merely skim the surface; we invest weeks or more in a comprehensive exploration, living and breathing every facet of the experience.

Be entertained by our exhilarating tales of extravagant travel, exploring the crème de la crème of villas, hotels, and chalets worldwide, while indulging in exquisite dining experiences. Each review is complemented by a luxury escapade—be it the thrill of paragliding, the serenity of sailing, the sophistication of yachting, or the adrenaline rush of jet skiing, mountain biking, jet-packing, hiking, scuba diving, hang gliding, mountain skiing, cross-country skiing, or the sublime relaxation of a luxurious spa experience for those leisurely moments.

You will find interviews here with people who are striving to do these things and many who have succeeded, ideas on how to experience life to the full, places to see and cultures to absorb. The latest technologies, trends and ideas for living an excellent life.

Peruse the site for ideas and inspiration on the finest luxury brands, supercars, premium hotels and gorgeous luxury travel. In the Galleries you will find glorious fashion and travel images from all over the world, in the Travel section we cover all the most amazing places to visit and explore, in the Luxury section we present all the greatest brands and experiences that the world has to offer and in Cars, Yachts and Watches sections we share the greatest new brands, products, inventions, gadgets and ideas revolutionising our world.

From Goodwood to the Mille Miglia to Carnival in Rio or flying over Namibia. If you have an excellent event or experience to share please get in touch.

Embark on a journey delving into the annals of history, unravelling diverse cultures, submerging oneself in art, and indulging in adventure sports spanning the globe.

Tour in style, travel with finesse, embracing every facet our extraordinary world has to offer. This is the epitome of learning and our philosophy of life.

In the meantime, please look through our galleries, peruse our blogs and indulge in eXcellence.

International eXcellence is published by The eXcellence Group.

CEO: Viscount Yves de Contades

Editorial Director: Emily Wills

Features Editor: Martin Gutteridge Hewitt

Fashion & Beauty Editor: Miranda Holder

Production: Ben Black

Press: Daisy Constantine

Business & Finance: Roger Aitken

Luxury, Cars & Travel: Yves de Contades

Travel & Films: Helena Carter

Watches & Lifestyle: Annabel Hirst

Cars & Motorbikes: Mark Turner

Beauty & Makeup: Tracey Gray Mann

Sports & Lifestyle: Darren Lynsdale

Arts Editor: Robert Mann

Travel, Luxury & Watches: Tim Stevens

Whisky & Fine Spirits: David Pearce

Art: Theo Woodham-Smith

Travel & Drinks: Ramy James Salameh

Travel: Adam Jacot De Boinod

Sport & Art: Kris Griffiths

Drinks  & Travel: Kevin Pilley

Cars, Travel, Adventure Sports & Finance: Joseph de Contades

Cars, Travel & Technology: Gabriel de Contades

Travel & Adventure Sports: Ben de Contades

Please contact us through the website form or call us on +44 203 289 9779 or email us on editorial@internationalexcellence.co.uk