Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI e S tronic (245 PS) Review: Easy Living & High Tech

Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI e S tronic (245 PS) Review: Easy Living & High Tech

Mon, 11/27/2023 - 18:15

The Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI e S tronic is remarkably easy and luxurious to drive. A fantastic ride with technology and handling for a great price. It's like driving in the comfort zone of a fluffy cloud, smooth and cushy.

Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI e S tronic (245 PS) Review

Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI e S tronic (245 PS) Review

The Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI e S tronic surprises you with an unexpectedly light and nearly otherworldly driving experience. Dynamic mode delivers pleasing performance, blending comfortable suspension, agility, and speed into a remarkably fun ride. An SUV that ticks all the boxes in just the right way.

A front-wheel-drive plug-in SUV, it boasts an inline 4-cylinder 1.4-litre engine, generating 245 PS and 400 Nm of torque. This prowess is augmented by an 85 kW permanently excited synchronous motor (PSM). Achieving 0-62mph in a mere 7.3 seconds and boasting a top speed of 130mph, it presents itself as a mid-power compact SUV.

Its electric range spans 35 miles, while the combined fuel efficiency stands at an impressive 141 mpg, delivering exceptional efficiency for both touring and local errands, ensuring emission-free urban travel. It's like having a silent, emission-free butler chauffeuring you around town while sipping on a cup of green tea.

Weighing in at 1700 Kg, it's a hybrid that's light on its feet, kind of like a ballerina wearing hiking boots. Simply plug it in overnight, eliminating the need for frequent visits to the petrol station. For daily commuting, revel in the cost-effective mileage that promises to keep your wallet happy.

The Audi Q3 harnesses a new-generation compact and lightweight 13.0 kWh battery, meticulously designed to maintain optimal performance through a dedicated cooling circuit.

Customisable steering, engine, and transmission responses are easily managed via Audi Drive Select, offering four distinct profiles: Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, and Individual. Engaging the electric motor's complete 330 Nm torque reserve during 10-second intervals when Audi Drive Select is set to Dynamic, complemented by 'S' mode on the gearbox, provides an extra boost.

The exterior boasts a menacing bonnet, coupled with the prominent Audi octagonal grille, adding an aggressive touch to its overall demeanour. The bold headlamps, with their pleasing shape reminiscent of the captivating eyes of a snow leopard, along with the fluted waist and generously sized haunches, contribute to the SUV's aesthetic appeal, creating an eye-catching silhouette.

Moreover, the turbo blue colour option is truly impressive—a refreshing and vibrant fusion of blue and cyan that commands attention.

Step inside, the Q3 offers a comfortable seating position with ample space, accommodating both front and rear passengers effortlessly. A true five-seater, it boasts a compact SUV design that strikes a perfect balance—roomy enough internally while remaining easily manoeuvrable in tight spaces like small car parks or narrow country lanes.

Equipped with tech specifications akin to those found in more expensive models, the Q3 provides a luxurious and comfortable experience for both passengers and drivers. The materials used in the Q3 are of reasonable quality, mimicking those found in pricier luxury cars, notably incorporating a significant amount of recycled materials—a testament to Audi's commitment to sustainability.

Featuring two screens—a central 10.1-inch MMI Touch unit with MMI Navigation Plus and a 10.25-inch fully configurable Audi virtual cockpit display—the Q3 offers a user-friendly interface that is both swift and intuitive. While modern in design, the presence of analogue buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel ensures convenient access to essential settings like heating and volume while driving.

Moreover, the rear seats are adjustable, allowing for flexible customisation between legroom and boot space as needed. Cleverly positioning the battery under the rear seats ensures ample legroom is retained, contributing to the overall comfort of passengers in the back.

Additionally, you enjoy 380 litres of boot space, offering a fair amount of luggage storage.

The Q3 offers an exceptionally light driving sensation, without sacrificing substance. While it may not be the most engaging, its remarkable ease of handling caters perfectly to SUV enthusiasts seeking a comfortable drive that effortlessly handles various road conditions.

The transition of power between the engine and the electric motor is smooth so both are well managed. Keeping the battery charged optimises the Q3's fuel efficiency. Keep in mind that the fuel efficiency drops to around 40 mpg once the battery is depleted underscoring the importance of keeping it charged overnight.

On EV alone the real-world electric range may vary based on driving conditions—around 25 miles in colder climates, potentially more during summer with prudent driving.

Incorporating the S-line trim with sports suspension, the Q3 maintains a comfortable yet firm demeanour, adeptly absorbing rough terrain, including challenging country roads with potholes.

The Q3 is designed for a smooth, easy journey, allowing drivers to cover long distances and arrive feeling refreshed. The progressive steering, remaining light at all speeds, stands out as one of its exceptional features.

However, one flaw is notable—the brakes were remarkably soft. Like squishing a marshmallow on a hot summer day. Maybe it's just the car we had, but make sure to give those brakes a test before you commit.

The handling is good, abetted by the extra weight of the battery, maintaining a low centre of gravity. Roll and yaw in the corners are low, and putting your foot down is enjoyable. In Dynamic mode, you get 10 seconds of full 330 Nm of electric torque, just enough to feel a boost.

The well-balanced front-wheel-drive system, supported by the Internal Combustion Engine over the wheels and the additional battery weight, further amplifies stability.

Audi's signature 7-speed tronic dual-clutch transmission operates seamlessly in automatic mode. You'll barely feel the changes. Switching to paddles enables more control over the revs for more engagement.

Priced at £40K, the Audi Q3 emerges as an exceptional choice, slightly surpassing its direct rivals in this price segment with its remarkable power, even if it's not the fastest off the mark.

The Audi Q3 stands out as a top-tier choice in the compact SUV segment, offering unmatched quality and value for the price. It's a favourite for good reason, being a standout PHEV with excellent speed, cutting-edge tech, and ease of driving. With a perfect blend of comfort, efficiency, and performance, it's the go-to hybrid for savvy drivers seeking a harmonious driving experience.

So, buckle up for a ride that's smoother than a buttered pan and easier than Sunday morning. The Audi Q3: where comfort, tech, and efficiency meet to make driving feel like a leisurely stroll through a high-tech wonderland.

Audi Q3 S line 45 TFSI e S tronic price starts at £44,410…