Lexus LC500 Convertible V8

Lexus LC500 Convertible V8 Is A Touring Masterpiece

I was immediately impressed as the Lexus LC500 Convertible was delivered to my door. It is more impressive, imposing and distinguished than in the images, with its own unique chutzpah.

A worthy successor to the LFA supercar that is now commanding a lot more interest than it did when launched. Some cars need time to be appreciated, often the sign of a labour of love.

Phil Hanson FIA Bahrain

Day In The Life Of Endurance Racing Driver Phil Hanson

Phil Hanson is a young driver to watch in the field of endurance sportscar racing and last year he had his most successful season to date.

He was crowned World Endurance Champion, the youngest driver to achieve this, won the European Le Mans Series and was the youngest ever Brit to win the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans.

He’s was also the first driver ever to win Le Mans and hold both the WEC and ELMS titles in the same year.

Always sporty as a child Phil enjoyed playing football, rugby and cricket and found he had that natural competitive edge.

Best Bronze Dive & Sports Watches

Go Bold Go Bronze-Best Bronze Dive & Sports Watches

Bronze watches bring something a little different to your wrist. Most watch manufacturers are proud of the immaculate finish on their watch cases, plus a pristine case sheen is the sign of a quality watch. Not so with bronze, it reacts to air and water to evolve a patina that changes over time, inheriting both colour and texture from your environment. A bronze watch develops its own character depending on your travels. It becomes truly unique and nothing quite beats the warm glow of weather-worn bronze. Plus these are the only watches that suit sporting a leather strap in the sea.

Property Capital Gains Tax UK

Managing the Impact of Capital Gains Tax Following a Property Sale

Capital Gains Tax is a levy on any profit made upon the disposal of an asset. It is applicable to most assets when they are sold, inherited (and then sold), and even gifted. Where the seller would have once had up to 22 months to report and pay a capital gain following the sale of a Buy To Let/second property, they now have just 30 days.

Rolls Royce Dawn at Château de Montmélian

Rolls Royce Dawn Luxury Tour Of French Chateaux

The Rolls Royce Dawn two-door convertible in Powder Blue is sleek, attractive and comfortable. The ideal car for a luxury tour of the Loire Valley, via Paris and Fontainebleau.

Rolls Royce are shedding their chauffeur-driven image, producing luxury tourers that are comfortable on long journeys. So I decided to test it with a thousand-mile plus drive across to France.

Everything was planned at the last minute as Covid restrictions in the UK were bouncing up and down faster than a bumbling Prime Minister caught on a zip wire.

Samara Yacht

Isolate In The Doldrums With A Winter Yacht Charter

Isolate In The Doldrums With A Winter Yacht Charter

The best places to charter a yacht and self isolate in luxury with the family this winter are the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Maldives, Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Motor or sail your way from one beach to another or simply enjoy languishing out in the middle of the sea, with only the dolphins and sunsets for company.

Here are our best picks from the available luxury yachts to charter for the winter season.

Taylor Swift’s New Album “Folklore” Is Superb

Taylor Swift’s New Album “Folklore” Is Superb

Taylor Swift surprised fans with the unexpected release of her critically-acclaimed 5-star album, Folklore, made without fanfare during the lockdown. Since its release, Folklore has cemented itself as the top-selling album of 2020.

Folklore stands out as the #1 album in the world with global sales over 2 million worldwide and over half a billion total streams on audio and video in just one week. It has reached #1 on iTunes in more than 85 countries. The album marks the biggest UK debut for a female artist in 2020 and becomes her most-streamed album in its first week in the UK.

Motor Yacht Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63

Automobili Lamborghini & The Italian Sea Group Unveil The Motor Yacht Tecnomar For Lamborghini 63

Automobili Lamborghini and The Italian Sea Group today present the worldwide premiere of ‘Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63’, the Tecnomar fleet’s new motor yacht in reference to Lamborghini’s 1963 foundation.

Performance, driving pleasure, attention to quality and details, performance: these are the emotive features combined within the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, thanks to innovative engineering solutions and a distinct design unique to shared Italian style and tradition.