Arran Farmhouse

The Hidden Glories Of The Isle Of Arran

There are getaways and there are hideaways. And it was on Arran, an isle separated by the Firth of Clyde that I had chosen to come, to avoid the hassle of Covid, the endless paperwork and all those wretched travel passes.

So I took the ferry from Ardrossan to Arran’s Brodick Bay and then drove beyond a heathered wind-swept mountain graced with roaming deer.

Mclaren 720S Coupe & McLaren GT

McLaren GT V McLaren 720S Coupe Track & Alpine Hill Test

Have you ever wanted to properly test one McLaren against another? We thought it might be fun to pit the new McLaren GT against the McLaren 720S Coupe. So we schlepped up to Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford to give it a go.

Millbrook is an iconic test track for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers with an unparalleled series of on-road and off-road circuits designed to test cars in all possible real-world road conditions.

Fujifilm GFX100S Review-Best Luxury Camera

Fujifilm GFX100S Review-Best Luxury Camera

The new Fujifilm GFX100S is based on the original medium format GFX100, but in a smaller body, smaller price with image stabilisation and the same terrific lenses.

It is, without doubt, the best stills camera you can buy today, the sensor, lenses and image processing plus the numerous Fujifilm film styles deliver unparalleled quality. In good light, it rivals the best medium format film cameras of yore and in poor or low light it is infinitely superior.

Derwent Manor Boutique Hotel

Derwent Manor Boutique Hotel Review: Maserati Levante Trofeo GNAAS Tour

During our Maserati Levante Trofeo tour to visit the Great North Air Ambulance Service helicopter rescue we stayed at the lovely Derwent Manor Boutique Hotel between Newcastle and Durham at the edge of the North Pennines in North Yorkshire.

Originally built as a country residence for the three-time Lord Mayor of Manchester, Alderman John Grave. Derwent offers 56 elegant double bedrooms including five suites with stunning views over the countryside and four boutique cottages

GNAAS: Marauding Terrorist Attack-MP5

Heroes of Our Time 4: Great North Air Ambulance Service: Terrorist Attack Training

We rendezvoused at Northumbria Police Operational and Tactical Training Centre. This is a state of the art firing range used by many police forces and the military. We were being trained in ballistics. Or to put it another way, the damage different types of bullets do to a human body.

Great North Air Ambulance Service Night Exercise

Heroes of Our Time 3: Great North Air Ambulance Service: Car Accident Rescue Training At Night

The day exercise was stressful enough and finished as the evening light faded. The next phase was far more challenging. The trainees took a break while a new set-up was arranged.

As darkness fell a car club consisting of twenty souped-up bangers arrived. They were there to provide a little extra distraction. The cars were parked in a row next to the scene. Boots were opened and large speaker systems cranked into life. The car club had volunteered to be a rowdy group of party-goers that heckles the paramedics and videos them on their smartphones.

Great North Air Ambulance Service- Accident Training

Heroes of Our Time 2: Great North Air Ambulance Service: Car Accident Rescue Training

That afternoon, we drove the Maserati Levante Trofeo over to the County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre where the next exercises were taking place. A full simulation of a multi-car pileup, first during the day, then at night. This involved the Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance Service, the GNAAS and the paramedics on the training course.

Great North Air Ambulance Service Helicopter Rescue

Heroes of Our Time 1: Great North Air Ambulance Service Helicopter Rescue Tour

The Maserati Levante Trofeo gleamed in the rare sunlight outside whilst I prepared for an extremely exciting tour.

I was driving up to Durham to spend four days with The Great North Air Ambulance Service for training, reenactment and emergency exercises. The GNAAS head office is located between The North Pennines and North York Moors National Park. The Director of Operations, Andy Mawson, had invited International Excellence Magazine to experience a taste of life as a paramedic in the helicopter rescue services.