Jag Sihra Silk Scarves - It’s cool to be square when you’re smooth as silk

Jag Sihra Silk Scarves - It’s cool to be square when you’re smooth as silk

Wed, 10/13/2021 - 15:19
Jag Sihra Silk Scarves Blossom Lime

Jag Sihra Silk Scarves Blossom Lime

Studio Jag Sihra is a new British brand bringing enchanting forms and  intricate designs to life in a new and unique silk scarf collection. The possibilities are bold and endless, deriving from her lifelong passion for pattern and print.

From blooming floral designs to an indulgent profusion of graphic shapes, the designs morph with each season into much-loved fashion accessories which inject a spark of style into any wardrobe.

These luxurious, colourful and sustainable silk scarves from Studio Jag Sihra are part of a wider textile range, created by hand from original drawings and paintings, and exquisitely illustrated by Jag in her atelier.

Imbued with her strong creative spirit, these beautiful scarves reveal themes that are timeless and relevant across generations. The designs celebrate dedicated craftsmanship, generating a relationship with the pieces that develops into a delightful and cherished affection for their sophistication and elegance. Whether you want a dash of colour or a bold and distinctive pattern, the prints combine practicality and chic to become eye-catching enhancements to any outfit.

Luxury woven in

Ancient Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti was believed to have worn a woven wrapped scarf under her extravagant jewelled headpiece, setting a trend that has continued for thousands of years.

At Studio Jag Sihra the radical advances in design and manufacturing made since the industrial revolution in the 19th century have underpinned the creation of her iconic luxury scarves.

The exquisite pieces are destined to be passed down through generations, each one a uniquely collectable memory of a special day, a significant event, an important milestone or a pleasurable act of giving.

Britain is globally famous for world-leading luxury so makes the perfect base for Jag to explore its inherent attributes of talent and diversity. The best production partners have been enlisted in a collaboration based on ensuring the highest quality and enduring finishes which embody the spirit, passion and beauty of her original hand-drawn artwork.

The artistry of design

Jag Sihra brings an endless imagination for stories inspired by a prestigious design career to her exclusive and timeless silk scarves. From original pencil sketch and painting to finished artwork, each piece is a meticulously crafted classic.

A British artist with an infectious enthusiasm for all things creative, and a stellar track record in commercial design, from an early age she was always drawing, painting and making, indulging her passion with a degree in art and textiles from St Martins College of Art & Design, followed by a Masters in Fine Art Textiles from Goldsmiths, London.

Jag worked for many years as a Design Manager with British Airways, then furthered her career at Virgin Atlantic where she was instrumental in devising and implementing spectacular interiors for onboard spaces.

Inspiring her team to step beyond industry boundaries and drawing from the wider worlds of fabric, fashion and interior trends, she created a new and exciting social space up in the air.

Her globetrotting exploits fuelled her passion to return to the drawing board and her experiences have provided rich inspiration. Jag’s art is abundant with a myriad of diverse cultural influences.  At College she was instantly captivated by modern Colour Theory. Twentieth-century Painting styles such as The Impressionists and The Fauvist movement recurrently inform her colour palette, resulting in a rich and modern cadence.

Throughout her multicultural career Jag, who was born in Kenya, with Indian heritage and raised in London, has worked with a wide variety of colleagues and built a large body of personal work, including scarf ranges for Liberty of London and silk accessory ranges for Luxury Fragrance and Couture Houses.

“I adore this beautiful, natural material,” she says, “and choose to work with silk above anything else, creating illustrations to celebrate the strength, individuality and vibrance of silk, ensuring my designs can be crafted responsibly and endure for generations.

“I have studied silk in immense detail for years and understand its nuances and intricacies. I continue to learn through my work and never cease to be inspired by the environment around me. Drawing and design are meditative processes for me and the two merge seamlessly in my silk art pieces.”


Protecting the planet

Sustainability is at the heart and front of mind in every aspect of Studio Jag Sihra’s design and practice, from source materials to manufacturing.

Jag’s silk is produced by skilled, artisanal British and global makers to ensure a vertical making process, while traditional crafts and skills are embedded in their communities to maintain and develop the highest expertise for the future.

Each piece is primarily sustainable in the first place by virtue of its longevity, to be passed down from generation to generation, the complete opposite of ‘fast fashion’. Jag also continually endeavours to minimise the environment footprint of the process through the use of water-based silk dyes to the recyclable packaging of the gorgeous gift boxes.

“As a sign of our commitment to creating a positive impact on our world we are working towards achieving Positive Luxury’s coveted Butterfly Mark,” says Jag.

“We embrace the continuing commitment of our British manufacturing partners to developing a more environmentally sustainable industry, and our shared dedication to protect the natural world, whose beauty we celebrate in our luxurious designs.”


Looking ahead

Jag’s ambitions are being given full rein as she looks ahead to developing a growing collection of silk accessories for the home.

“We are expanding out world of sumptuousness with a range of beautiful home accessories,” she says. “Crafted with the same enduring ethos of sustainable luxury and embracing silks mixed with gorgeous natural linens and cottons, you will be able to surround yourself with rich home textiles such as cushions, throws and tableware.”