Sunra - The Future Of Urban Mobility

Sunra - The Future Of Urban Mobility

Sunra Miku Super

One of the coolest things about the electric motorcycle revolution is the new companies that are popping up, and the funky designs they are producing.

I recently attended a press launch for a company called Sunra. 

Sunra is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer that you’ve probably never heard of. There are lots of ‘new’ Chinese manufacturers cropping up these days it seems. I say new, but they are only new to us over here. Sunra, for example, is massive and has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicles since 1999. They have 4 huge factories in China and export and sell electric motorcycles in more than 70 countries or regions. Sunra sold through the UK importer Moto Electric. They’re a great bunch, full of energy and passion. 

Electric motorcycles are growing in popularity, and the biggest growth area is urban mobility. This is exactly what Sunra do very well. 

At the press launch we were riding two of their models; the Miku Super and the Robo-S.

Robo-S is a tradition looking commuter scooter. Styling is pretty traditional and you would easily blend in with other scooters.

Max speed is listed as 80 km/h (50 mph) and the range is a very impressive 135 km (83 miles).

Robo-S has disc brakes front and rear and power is delivered via a 3000W motor.

Robo-S rides like any rev and go scooter. It is comfortable, has lots of room and plenty of under-seat storage and it’s very easy to ride. 

Next up was the Miku Super. This bike is a little funkier. I’d describe it as being in the style of a Honda Grom or maybe a modern-day monkey bike. The styling is fun and fresh and the bike stands out. It makes you smile just looking at it parked up.

The power and range of the Miku Super is the same as the Robo-S at 3000W and 135km (83 miles) and the max speed is the same at 80 km/h (50mph).

This felt more fun than the Robo-S but is less practical. There’s no huge under-seat storage but it’s small and nimble and very cool.

Both the Robo-S and Miku Super are well-made, quality products. They both offer something different, but the same. They are perfect for an urban commute and offer lots of benefits to users. We tested the bikes in Milton Keynes which was pretty much perfect territory for these two. City roads with some A roads thrown in.

Personally, I prefer the Miku Super. It was more fun and looked great. The Robo-S is a very good scooter and you could say is more grown-up.

Both bikes will charge in around 4 hours and have a solid warranty. The warranty on the bike itself is 2 years unlimited mileage and on the batteries is 3 years or 18000 miles.

Prices for these two are;

Miku Super - £3,499.00

Robo-S - £3299.00