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Mercedes EQS EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury

Mercedes EQS EQS 450+ Exclusive Luxury Review

The Mercedes EQS 450+ is the first truly luxurious electric car. Mercedes has put everything into this, their new flagship, building the electric platform from scratch rather than adapting an S-Class. Think of this as a fully realised concept car with no compromise. Mercedes laying out their stall for the next few years with a luxury limousine that drives like a hatchback.

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai - The Hydrogen Powered Solution?

We are in the midst of what the government call a Green Industrial Revolution. Part of this plan is to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, with all vehicles being required to have a significant zero-emissions capability (e.g. plug-in and full hybrids) from 2030 and be 100% zero emissions from 2035.

This is a lot to get your head around. That’s only 7 ⅕ years away. 

Tesla Y Tour

Tesla Y Review 3000 Miles London to Valencia

We prefer to test cars in actual situations so that we get more than just an idea of their technical capabilities, but also what they are like to live with. So we took the latest Tesla Y Performance for a 3000-mile round trip from Surrey to just south of Valencia, Spain in less than a week. The preparations were left to the last minute as usual and we were a little stressed as to how the whole recharging process would go over such a long distance. However, we were more than pleasantly surprised at how well the Tesla Y performed. Spoiler, there was absolutely no range anxiety at all.

McLaren 720S Supercar Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Côte d'Opale Tour

McLaren 720S Supercar Review & Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Côte d'Opale Tour

To get to know a car, you really need to live with it on tour. So where better to take the McLaren 720S than to northern France along the amazing coastal roads, smooth as silk autoroutes and picturesque country lanes?

It came delivered in a box to the door, in a fetching but discreet Sarthe Grey, almost as if it did not want to be noticed. Paradoxically it showed off the lines magnificently, reflecting every hue and dapple of the morning light in the sublime bodywork. Unboxing such beauty as the McLaren 720S is like all your Christmases at once.