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Sunrise Superyacht

Sunrise Low Profile Concept Superyacht

Dawn breaks along the horizon, Sunrise. The latest concept from the multi-award-winning Robert Curtò design is a spectacular low profile 135m gigayacht prowling the seas at up to 24 knots.
Open deck spaces, sleek and sporty lines and a holistic interior-exterior design experience bring the Sunrise concept to life. From the outside Sunrise looks and is fast, reaching speeds of 24 knots, with a low superstructure for decreased wind resistance and a wave-piercing hull to reduce drag.

MINI John Cooper Works GP

Racing The MINI GP and BMW’s Around Bedford Aerodrome

Bedford Aerodrome is a little airfield next to the well known Bedford Autodrome designed by F1 driver Jonathan Palmer. I’d driven up in the morning to spend a day throwing the latest BMW’s and MINI’s around the aerodrome track.

I started out with the BMW M2 Competition. Getting a feel for the course, conditions and corners. It had rained that morning but now the sun was slowing drying the track, though there were still a few puddles scattered about, particularly near the most vicious corner.

Maserati Multi 70

Giovanni Soldini Sets New Monaco To Porto Cervo Record In Maserati Multi 70

Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70’s team arrived in Porto Cervo at 9:09 38” on 21st March, setting a new Monaco to Porto Cervo multihull record, sailing 195 miles in 7 hours, 50 minutes and 44 seconds. The Italian crew’s record is only 2 minutes and 47 seconds better than the one set by MOD70 Phaedo3 in 2016 with Brian Thompson (7 hours, 53 minutes and 31 seconds and an average speed of 24,71 knots).

Ozen By Atmosphere At Maadhoo Island Maldives: Picture Perfect Paradise with Butler-Part 1

Ozen By Atmosphere At Maadhoo Island Maldives: Picture Perfect Paradise with Butler-Part 1

Lunch at The House Lounge at Heathrow was the perfect way to start our trip to Ozen By Atmosphere At Maadhoo Island in the Maldives. We had wisely picked our flight times to make the trip as comfortable as possible and to get the maximum time in the Maldives. The outbound flight to Male with Qatar Airways was at 15.05 with a 55-minute stopover in Doha. This meant we would arrive at 9.00 in the morning at Male and have the whole day to get over the jet lag and get acclimatised.

Czinger 21C - An Automotive Revolution

Czinger 21C Supercar - An Automotive Revolution

I recently attended the launch of a revolutionary hypercar built for the 21st century by a new company called Czinger.
In their own words: 'Czinger represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering, innovation, automotive art and technology-based design.'
In 1916 Cadillac produced the type 53. This is considered to be the first car to use the same control layout as modern cars, with the gear lever and hand brake in the middle of the front two seats, a key started ignition, and three pedals for the clutch, brake and throttle in the familiar order.