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Rolls Royce Dawn at Château de Montmélian

Rolls Royce Dawn Luxury Tour Of French Chateaux

The Rolls Royce Dawn two-door convertible in Powder Blue is sleek, attractive and comfortable. The ideal car for a luxury tour of the Loire Valley, via Paris and Fontainebleau.

Rolls Royce are shedding their chauffeur-driven image, producing luxury tourers that are comfortable on long journeys. So I decided to test it with a thousand-mile plus drive across to France.

Everything was planned at the last minute as Covid restrictions in the UK were bouncing up and down faster than a bumbling Prime Minister caught on a zip wire.

Severin's Private Chalet, Lech Austria - Health & Wellness


Exclusivity, privacy, active adventure, spending more time outside, safe environments and the constant pursuit of ‘new experiences’ are changing traveller and guest preferences in the wake of COVID-19. At the higher end of the market, the travel industry has seen a rise in private jet travel due to the renewed focus on personal health and hygiene. 

The Isle Of Wight Diamond Races

The Isle Of Wight To Host the all-new road racing festival - Diamond Races

Introducing the Diamond Races, the all-new road racing festival set to be hosted on the beautiful Isle of Wight in October 2021. On an island known for its remarkable coastline and just two hours from central London door to door, the Diamond Races is set to take place on a 12.4 mile-long course in the south of the Isle of  Wight.

The Five Best Sleeper Trains in Europe

The Five Best Sleeper Trains in Europe

There is an unassailable romance about travelling by sleeper trains in Europe. They call to mind the grand rail journeys of the past: Paul Theroux on the Iron Rooster or Kerouac’s drifters jumping freight trains in “On the Road.” Today’s rail journeys seem rather sterile in comparison, with once mysterious routes so well-trodden there is little left to say about them. But there are exceptions. Some sleeper trains still convey the sheer romance and glamour of embarking on a grand journey across a continent full of possibilities.

Landing Chilean Fjords Patagonia

Passage To Patagonia: An Expedition Cruise On Island Sky

The cruising sector has taken a real body blow from Covid 19 and will take many years to recover but it is a mistake to tar all cruises with the same brush. Size truly does matter when it comes to ship choices. There is a world of difference between the megaliners carrying 6000+ passengers and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, ships carrying less than 100. With fewer passengers and the ability to cover more remote, less-visited parts of the world, small ship cruising and especially expedition cruising looks set for a much swifter recovery.

Sarajevo's Olympic heritage


“Pyjamas” replied the guide (who lived through the Bosnian-war 1992-1995) when asked what does ‘Peace’ mean to you? Her single-word answer encapsulated daily survival amid war; a frightened teenager, who during the four years of conflict, had worn her clothes to bed anticipating the need to escape the bombardments which characterised the siege of Sarajevo. Being able to wear her night clothes represented the end of hostilities, “peace without fear” she added, during our visit of the ‘Tunnel Museum’ located beside the airport and Mt.

Following the Danube in the Wachau Valley


“Imagine the harmony of an orchestra, with no single instrument heard above another, this is what we aim for with our Weiner Gemischter Satz wine,” states Fritz Weininger from his winery, in the sleepy outskirts of the Austrian capital.

The vintners of Austria are a very passionate breed. They are a new generation of wine makers producing high quality products. They are represented across the four main wine regions of Niederosterriech (Lower Austria); Burgenland; Steiermark (Styria) and Vienna.