The Best Innovative Watches From Independent Watchmakers

The Best Innovative Watches From Independent Watchmakers

Mon, 07/05/2021 - 16:38

"Great luxury watches from some of the finest independent watchmakers"

Vianney Halter Antiqua Watch

Vianney Halter Antiqua Watch

We present a list of the finest independent watchmakers, selected for their unique design, fine craftsmanship and dedication to the art of watchmaking. Each of these manufacturers puts their heart and soul into their watches, so you get value for money at every price point.


David Candaux DC 6 Half Hunter Solstice Watch
As a third-generation master watchmaker, David Candaux spent his early years fully immersed in a culture founded upon traditional craftsmanship. The handmade movement has 287 components with an inclined manual-winding tourbillon, bi-plan flying tourbillon in titanium, 3 degrees inclined cage. Balance wheel inclined 30 degrees in the cage. This is an exceptional piece with 47 jewels, gold chatons and 55 hours reserve.


Ludovic Ballouard Half Time Watch
The numeral that gives you the time is whole at the position of 12 o’clock while the rest of the numerals are cut in half, perpetually reminding you that the most important time is the present. Ludovic Ballouard had the choice of including the minutes in the middle of the dial however he opted for making the movement even more complicated by integrating the retrograde minutes, staying true to his desire of continuously adding complications to his timepieces.


Mauron Musy Armure Hard Gold MU03-301 Watch
Mauron Musy watches are built to the most exacting standard. All parts down to the tiniest screw are made in Switzerland. Every part of the watch is designed and assembled in house. The patented clip system means that it is waterproof to 300 metres by keeping all the pressure in the vertical plane. This superb watch uses precise engineering to maintain its integrity from the elements and time. No rubber seals to fail. This watch can be passed down from generation to generation without fear of costly repairs and maintenance. A truly unique everlasting watch that is also sophisticated and beautiful.


Ollivier Saveo Tourbillon Racer Watch
A unique piece conceived and produced traditionally, this concept watch evokes automobile racing. Constructed like a racing car, the watch is a genuine technical exploit with the casing ring for the chassis, the movement as the motor and the dial for the bodywork. Titanium blanking and skeletonisation make the different elements visible which highlights the mechanism. The cage of the flying tourbillon was specially designed to evoke the chronometer. You can even pick your own car with your own licence plate.


Pilo & Co Watch Tempo Diamond Watch
This rare skeleton open heart watch enables both the wearer and onlooker to revel in the magical spectacle of a micromechanical construction in motion. Enjoy the enduring beauty of a mechanical marvel with its tiny beating heart, the core of this stunning automatic watch. This Pilo & Co Tempo ladies watch movement has been entirely skeletonised in house at Pilo & Co in Geneva and boasts an eye-catching design and colour scheme complete with a diamond-encrusted bezel.


Vianney Halter Antiqua Watch
In 1998, Vianney Halter presented a creation that caused a stir in the watchmaking world: the Antiqua, his first watch. The watch was immediately classed as a relic from the future and the design was widely considered avant-garde. A future inspired by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. This piece was designed as an embodiment of the spirit of marine chronometers, linking antique time instruments to the contemporary collector’s wrist. As a testimony to horological tradition, the Antiqua features a very classical complication: the perpetual calendar, with a particular geometry that lends this piece a quirky style. Following the order of decreasing diameter, one can read: hour & minutes, month/leap year, day of the week and finally the date.


U-Boat Classico 45 Tungsteno Movelock Watch
U-Boat is an Italian watch brand based in Tuscany. The Classico represents the essence of the brand's popular style. This 45mm automatic watch boasts a super hard-wearing tungsten bezel polished to a mirror finish with an innovative crown release system patented at 9 o’clock for easy time and date setting. This muscular timepiece embodies the unique personality of the man behind the revival, Italo Fontana. The satin hand-finished stainless steel watch stands out on your wrist with a bold and dynamic face and a Swiss automatic 25 jewel movement. Water-resistant to 100 metres.


Quinting Cyclone 40 Diamonds Watch
After 4 years of additional research and development, Quinting Manufacture revolutionised the watch-making industry by launching the 3-hand transparent or invisible watch. This time-only model features a new patented movement: the Cyclone. The Cyclone is Quinting’s answer to Abraham-Louis Breguet’s Tourbillon. The Cyclone was created to counterbalance forces of gravity and synergy based on brusque movements of the wrist, whereas the tourbillon compensated the effects of gravity for pocket watches. This is the first movement in the world with counterbalancing forces invented for the second hand. This watch is composed of 186 parts and includes: 9 perfectly parallel sapphire layers, 4 of which are mobile.


Lip Himalaya 40 mm Beating Heart Watch
From this famous historical French brand comes an open heart watch whose reliable automatic movement you can admire on your wrist. The production of the first Lip Himalaya watches began in 1954 and now the model has been upsized to suit modern tastes for larger watches. A modern reinvention of a timeless classic that won’t put you out of pocket.


Briston Streamliner Skeleton Steel Gold Watch
Briston is a French brand born out of a very British spirit. From the dreaming spires of Oxford and Cambridge to boat races gliding past cricket pitches and polo fields, this sporty-chic spirit has been the epitome of British style since Queen Victoria. This chic yet casual lifestyle and its occasional quirkiness was also a great inspiration for the “preppy” style that originated in the Ivy League universities on the east coast of the United States. It is this spirit, combined with its watchmaking DNA, that gives Briston its unique style. This automatic skeleton cambered-barrel shape case watch is a steal at the price.


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