Richard Browning Flying Gravity Jet Pack

The Jet Pack Is Here At Last Courtesy Of Richard Browning At Gravity

At last, the real thing is here. The jet pack, rocket pack, rocket belt, or jet suit, whatever you want to call it. The freedom to soar unencumbered above the trees with the wind in your face.

Finally, you can actually fly like a bird. Up, up and away.

Yes, the jet pack or rocket pack so beloved by James Bond and science fictions films “The Rocketeer” is now completely real and surprisingly easy to use.

So why is this Jet Suit from Gravity quite so special?

High Tatras Mountains (credit, Visit Košice)


There are rare moments in life where you can tangibly see the enormity of Mother Natureand feel incredibly small set against such an epic landscape. This is what I experienced as I stood looking upon the crystal clear water of Lomnicky Pleso (Mountain Lake) from a rocky outcrop at around 1,800m. Reflected in the glacial waters was Slovakia’s second tallest peak Lomnicky Stit at 2,634m, just one more cable car journey away.

Toyota A90 GR Supra 3.0 Pro

The Tantilising Toyota A90 GR Supra 3.0 Pro Review

The Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Pro is somewhat of a legend and a labour of love for the CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda. Marketing aside, they designed this from the ground up as a true aficionado’s sports car. Whilst every car has to make a profit, Toyada seems to have clearly put sentiment and history to the fore in the making of this little beauty.

Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead Review

Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead V12 Review

The Rolls Royce Dawn is an extremely sexy car, the cachet, performance and sinuous lines make it a favourite contender for the title of finest luxury touring car available today. With the roof down you can really show off that luxury interior and enjoy an open air ride of sublime refinement. Plus the Rolls Royce badge still carries the ultimate brand status. Please don’t think I’m a slouching teenager with baseball cap, sweatpants and hoodie all loudly emblazoned with Gucci, but Rolls Royce is still the byword for luxury craftsmanship.