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Great British Social Season Calendar

At last its summer, time to get out there and enjoy everything the great British social season has to offer.


Isle of Man TT

28 May - 11 Jun

The Isle of Man TT is the ultimate 'must see it' event for motorsport fans across the globe. Every May and June the Isle of Man, a tiny country between England and Ireland, turns into motorcycle nirvana as the world’s greatest road racers gather to test themselves against the incredible ‘Mountain Course’ - a 37.73 mile beast of a course carved out of the island’s public roads.

McLaren 720S Supercar Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Côte d'Opale Tour

McLaren 720S Supercar Review & Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Côte d'Opale Tour

To get to know a car, you really need to live with it on tour. So where better to take the McLaren 720S than to northern France along the amazing coastal roads, smooth as silk autoroutes and picturesque country lanes?

It came delivered in a box to the door, in a fetching but discreet Sarthe Grey, almost as if it did not want to be noticed. Paradoxically it showed off the lines magnificently, reflecting every hue and dapple of the morning light in the sublime bodywork. Unboxing such beauty as the McLaren 720S is like all your Christmases at once.

Lamborghini Urus Review

Lamborghini Urus Review: Rip-Roaring Bonkers & Brilliant

The Lamborghini Urus is a huge departure for such a massive supercar icon, many said it would ruin the brand and should never be done. I felt the same way until I drove this new SUV all over Surrey, Sussex and Somerset on a glorious driving tour that changed my preconceptions.

Though this is not the first SUV they made, indeed the Lamborghini LM002, aka "Rambo Lambo”, was an off-road style jeep manufactured by Lamborghini between 1986 and 1993 and resembled a Humvee.

Sandi Toksvig

We Talk to SANDI TOKSVIG about her new live show NEXT SLIDE PLEASE…

Sandi talks knitting, lockdown survival and why she’s desperate to get on the road again with her new live show NEXT SLIDE PLEASE…

It won’t be a surprise to Sandi Toksvig fans that the polymath QI presenter owns an Encyclopaedia of Flintlock Weaponry and a tome titled Knitting with Dog Hair.  “I collect books where I think, ‘Why would anybody publish that?’” she admits. “So you should never challenge me as chances are I will have a book about it.” A dozen or so such titles will crop up in her new stage show, Next Slide Please, among many other quite interesting topics.

Carol Drinkwater


Carol Drinkwater has a deep passion and knowledge of Provence, having made it her home for more than 30 years. On a hillside above the bay of Cannes, she and her husband Michel live on an olive farm producing delicious olive oil and other organic fruits. The recent series – A Year in Provence with Carol Drinkwater - aired on Channel 5, inviting viewers into Carol’s slice of Provençal heaven.

Ferrari F8 Spider Place de La Concorde Paris

The Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider Tour Review

I took my son in the Ferrari F8 Tributo to Paris for the tour of a lifetime. To acquaint yourself with such a chef d’oeuvre you must challenge yourself and the car. And boy was it fun around the massive roundabout that is the Arc de Triomphe.

The Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider is the upgrade to the terrific 488 and lies between it and the Pista. Think of it as the younger sibling, faster, lighter and stronger but with the same DNA. Ferrari began their open-top V8 cars with the 308 GTS in 1977 and their legend continues with the new F8 Tributo Spider.