Revolutionising Wellness: Unveiling the Top Health and Fitness Watches

Revolutionising Wellness: Unveiling the Top Health and Fitness Watches

Fri, 12/08/2023 - 14:06

Strapping Up for Fitness: Time to Sweat, Step, and Laugh with These Watchful Companions!

Garmin-MARQ® Athlete(Gen 2)

Garmin-MARQ® Athlete(Gen 2)

Health is the best wealth so we've picked out the top health and fitness watches that will help you achieve your goals of physical perfection, or just keep you fit enough to look good on holiday, at your dance class or gym. Measure every aspect of your waking and sleeping life from body composition to heart rate and oxygen levels.

Garmin MARQ® Athlete (Gen 2)

The best smartwatch with everything plus the kitchen sink. Sapphire crystal, grade-5 titanium smartwatch with every possible sensor, sports app, safety and health monitor imaginable. Includes a Garmin coach with training plans and daily workouts to help you reach your ultimate fitness and wellness goal. Features performance metrics, race predictor (based on your past performance) and PacePro to maximise your ability over any distance. Up to 16 days battery life.



Apple Watch Series 8 Starlight Aluminium Case

With advanced health features, temperature sensors, crash detection and enhanced workout, this watch is packed full of super technology. Includes Family set up which means that each watch can piggyback off your phone, with their own phone number, make calls, use apps etc, but you can also limit usage. Perfect for kids. Up to 18 days battery life.

From £469


Fitbit Sense 2 Watch

Advanced health and fitness smartwatch with easy-to-use apps. Comes with stress and sleep notifications, heart monitor, ECG, Google Maps, Bluetooth calls, Find my Phone, breathing tracker, blood sugar tracking and workouts. A lot of technology for the price. Up to 6 days battery life.



Google Pixel Watch 4G LTE+

Google and Fitbit partner up, so this smartwatch syncs with your Fitbit app. Make calls and texts without your phone, track heart rate, sleep patterns, stress levels etc, with personal insights and analytics so you can maximise your health and fitness. Plus Google Smarts with maps, payments and home controls. Android only. A day's battery life.



Coros Vertix 2 GPS Adventure Watch

A lovely-looking sports watch, the Vertix 2 comes in titanium alloy with a 1.4-inch Sapphire touchscreen and global offline maps from all five major satellite systems. Includes training plans and workouts with heart rate monitor, barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and 3d compass. Ideal for the outdoor sportsperson. Up to 60 days battery life.



Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

An attractive titanium watch with sapphire glass. The new bio-active sensor helps you capture your body composition (fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body water) to achieve your goal of physical perfection. Sensors include an accelerometer, barometer, bioelectrical impedance analysis, electrical heart, gyro, geomagnetic, light and optical heart rate. Up to 3 days of battery life.



The Suunto 9 Peak

The Suunto 9 Peak is an ultra-thin and ultra-tough GPS multisport watch with long battery life and a minimalistic design. Sapphire glass and grade 5 titanium. Track your training, heart rate, fitness level, repetitions, blood oxygen and more. Sleep, stress, and recovery tracking ensure you are ready for your next workout. Water resistant to 100 metres. Up to 7 days battery life.



Withings ScanWatch

This smartwatch boasts a medical-grade oximeter, yet looks like a normal watch. The sensors record heart rate, sleep patterns, sinus rhythm, breathing disturbances, activity and fitness. You can send all this information to your doctor or trainer for in-depth insight.  Up to 30 days of battery life.