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Kairos Superyacht

Best Eco-Sustainable Luxury Yacht Brands

Can a luxury yacht also be sustainable? Clearly, a sailing yacht compares favourably to a powered one, but even motor yacht companies are seeking ways to be eco-friendly.

The lull in manufacture due to Covid has given many of the top yacht brands the time to look at yacht production methods and develop sustainable strategies that consider the issues of global warming and the problems caused by the ever-increasing pollution of our seas.

Sunrise Superyacht

Sunrise Low Profile Concept Superyacht

Dawn breaks along the horizon, Sunrise. The latest concept from the multi-award-winning Robert Curtò design is a spectacular low profile 135m gigayacht prowling the seas at up to 24 knots.
Open deck spaces, sleek and sporty lines and a holistic interior-exterior design experience bring the Sunrise concept to life. From the outside Sunrise looks and is fast, reaching speeds of 24 knots, with a low superstructure for decreased wind resistance and a wave-piercing hull to reduce drag.

EVO V8 Yacht

Evo Yachts Launch The New EVO V8

Evo Yachts’ exclusive new flagship, the 24-metre yacht initially known as the Velar 78 concept and today officially named Evo V8, is the first model in the new V line and a highly original proposal that will amaze the market with all its innovative features.

With its understated and refined design, this extraordinary model has been developed to offer an unprecedented onboard lifestyle and an alternative to anything seen before, marking a clear break from the stylistic imprint of its predecessors in order to offer a new interpretation of life at sea.

Wajer 77 Luxury Yacht

New Wajer 77 Luxury Yacht

The new Wajer 77 combines a superyacht level finish with the signature Wajer innovations for maximum comforts, like deck cooling, a hybrid fender system, an automatic roof and an electrically adjustable deck layout. Thanks to the use of innovative insulation materials, this yacht is the most silent in its class. Inside, comfort is kept at the top level as well with four cabins with ensuite bathrooms and a standing height of 2,15-2,35 meters (7-7'9″). The Wajer 77 sleeps 9 and boasts a 400 nautical mile range, making it perfect for longer trips.

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Maserati Multi 70

Giovanni Soldini Sets New Monaco To Porto Cervo Record In Maserati Multi 70

Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70’s team arrived in Porto Cervo at 9:09 38” on 21st March, setting a new Monaco to Porto Cervo multihull record, sailing 195 miles in 7 hours, 50 minutes and 44 seconds. The Italian crew’s record is only 2 minutes and 47 seconds better than the one set by MOD70 Phaedo3 in 2016 with Brian Thompson (7 hours, 53 minutes and 31 seconds and an average speed of 24,71 knots).

Riva 88 Folgore Sport-fly Yacht

New Riva 88 Folgore Sport-fly Yacht

Only Riva has the history, inventiveness, appeal and inspiration to create a boat that anticipates the future but is permeated by the evocative mood of tradition. The production and creative capacity of the shipyard, which has continued to maintain its stability and vitality in 2020, has been exploited to the full to realise a sport-fly of dazzling beauty, a groundbreaking mixture of style, technology and innovative materials.