Best luxury supercar reviews

DS Automobiles Showcase DS Active LED Vision

DS Automobiles Showcase DS Active LED Vision And DS Night Vision

As the long nights draw in, new analysis by DS Automobiles shows that the risk of a fatal accident is five times greater between 7pm and 7am*, owing to poor visibility, headlight dazzle and fatigue.
In 2019, the rate of fatal accidents at night was approaching 40%, despite night-time journeys accounting for just one fifth of total journeys in the UK.
DS Automobiles is highlighting the danger of night driving on UK roads during the winter months to showcase its suite of innovative technologies; including DS ACTIVE LED VISION and DS NIGHT VISION.

AirVidox Car Clean

Classic Car Restoration Tips- Get Rid Of Cigarette Smells-AirVidox

So you’ve spotted an amazing classic car, but it has been smoked in with abominable disdain by the ignorant.

Do you buy the car or write it off as a bargain to be missed? The normal route would be to pay around £400 to £1000 to have it completely steam cleaned and then use an Ozone machine to clear out any bad odours.

Even then if the car has been smoked in for years, it may well not remove all the smell.

We heard of a new product that could clean out any smell, and particularly bad tobacco smells for as little as £20.

Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead Review

Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead V12 Review

The Rolls Royce Dawn is an extremely sexy car, the cachet, performance and sinuous lines make it a favourite contender for the title of finest luxury touring car available today. With the roof down you can really show off that luxury interior and enjoy an open air ride of sublime refinement. Plus the Rolls Royce badge still carries the ultimate brand status. Please don’t think I’m a slouching teenager with baseball cap, sweatpants and hoodie all loudly emblazoned with Gucci, but Rolls Royce is still the byword for luxury craftsmanship.

Audi RS 5 DTM

Audi RS 5 DTM on the Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit

Walter Röhrl, Frank Biela, Laurent Aiello, Mattias Ekström, Martin Tomczyk, Miguel Molina, Edoardo Mortara, René Rast, Jamie Green: The list of Audi drivers who have won a DTM race at the Nürburgring reads like a small “Who’s who” of touring car racing. Over the next two weekends (September 12–13 and September 19–20), there will be four more opportunities to be added to the list of winners.

Rolls-Royce New Brand Identity

Pentagram Design New Rolls-Royce Brand Identity

Since these words were spoken by the marque's co-founder, Sir Henry Royce, Rolls-Royce has experienced evolutionary change, from the creator of the ‘Best Car in the World’, to the world’s leading House of Luxury. The company’s products are today revered as exemplary examples of hand-craftsmanship, born from the finest materials and honed with masterful skill, while the brand and its illustrious figurine, the Spirit of Ecstasy, have become icons for the very best and truest examples of their kind. Indeed, Rolls-Royce, is, a synonym for luxury.

McLaren Automotive Prepares New Architecture

McLaren Automotive Prepares New Generation of Electrified Supercars

Mike Flewitt, CEO of luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive, today confirmed the introduction of the brand’s all-new, flexible, lightweight vehicle architecture which will underpin its next generation of electrified supercars.

The new architecture, designed specifically to accommodate new hybrid powertrains, has been entirely engineered, developed and produced in-house in the UK at McLaren’s £50m state-of-the-art McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) in the Sheffield region.

Car Zero Bentley Blower Engine

Bentley Start Building New Car Zero Bentley Blower

Assembly of the first new Bentley Blower in more than nine decades has officially started in a bespoke Bentley Mulliner workshop. ‘Car Zero’ is the engineering prototype for the Blower Continuation Series, a run of 12 meticulously engineered, hand-crafted, supercharged 4½–litre Bentleys built to the unique design of Bentley’s own 1929 Team Car developed and raced by Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin. The 12 cars together form the world’s first continuation series for a pre-war car, and all have been pre-sold.

Mark Motorcycle riding kit

My Riding Kit Review

I've done a fair few miles this year on a range of motorcycles, and as you would expect in England, in a range of different conditions. From a glorious heatwave to torrential rain, and everything in between. 

To this end, I thought I'd do a quick mid-year review of the riding gear I've been using and a brief overview of it. 


Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12

Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12 Luxury Tour Review

I took the Ferrari on a long, leisurely tour of vineyards with International Excellence Luxury Magazine colleague Darren Lynsdale. We took in the Surrey Hills, the valleys of Hampshire and the Sussex coast. Of particular note were the fine white wines at the Rathfinny Estate, which is a stunning new vineyard near Seaford.

So, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso V12 statistics. It has a 6.3 L V12 engine, with four-wheel steering and drive, 681 bhp, does 0-62 mph in 3.5 secs and has a top speed of  208 mph.