Kairos Superyacht

Best Eco-Sustainable Luxury Yacht Brands

Can a luxury yacht also be sustainable? Clearly, a sailing yacht compares favourably to a powered one, but even motor yacht companies are seeking ways to be eco-friendly.

The lull in manufacture due to Covid has given many of the top yacht brands the time to look at yacht production methods and develop sustainable strategies that consider the issues of global warming and the problems caused by the ever-increasing pollution of our seas.

The Relais Henley Hotel

The Relais Henley Hotel On The Thames Review

The Relais Henley is a stylish new waterside retreat in Henley-on-Thames. There’s just something about riverside hotels that is gloriously appealing, particularly in England. In the old days, you could always find something wrong about a hotel, but a new breed has emerged that just gets everything right from the get-go and the Relais Henley is just such a place.

Approaching Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Train

We clear up the difference between Eurotunnel and Eurostar

Even though the Channel Tunnel linking the UK to mainland Europe has been open for 27 years, there still seems to be abundant confusion between the two popular train services that use it - Eurotunnel Le Shuttle and Eurostar. Not sure which is which, or how to choose between the two options? It really depends on where you want to go and how you want to travel. We clear up some myths…
Are Eurotunnel Le Shuttle & Eurostar the same company?

Henley Festival

Fabulous British Social Calendar Events For This Summer 

Wimbledon Tennis Championships
28 June – 11 July
Arguably the most famous tennis tournament in the world, the Wimbledon Championships have been played since 1877 and tickets are always in fierce demand. The championships start at the end of June and last approximately two weeks, or until all events are complete. The club operates a public ballot (lottery) for advanced sales of Centre, No. 1 and No. 2 court tickets.

Bespoke Rolls Royce Boat Tail

First Look At The Unique Bespoke Rolls Royce Boat Tail

As a House of Luxury, Rolls-Royce imbues its products with meaning. A Rolls-Royce serves as a canvas onto which clients reflect their personal tastes, express ambitions and often, define legacies. The Bespoke treatment of a Rolls-Royce elegantly reflects its status as ‘the best car in the world’ while stylishly expressing the personality of its commissioning client.

Ferrari Portofino M Lake District

Ferrari Portofino M Staycation Touring Guide Dartmoor England

The painterly bleakness of Dartmoor has encouraged the growth of many legends, not least that of the Hairy Hands – disembodied hirsute mitts that suddenly grab at one’s steering wheel or handlebars and force the victim off the road. It’s a ghost story that pertains to the Postbridge stretch of the B3212, which was purported to have seen an unusually high number of motor vehicle accidents in the early 20th century. So, you have been warned.